A mod that adds more and keeps everything else, more is better.


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As seen in the about box, I just can't let go. The box says it all for now, as I'm just tossing around ideas and hope I don't run into...

TD in General

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Just some things I thought I should post here as well... 1. Do not contact me via ModDB-PMs. I have no problem with you contacting me, but I only check...

The mod's status

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Just thought I'd make an appearance here, so it doesn't look that deserted... Although I don't post about it here, the mod is taking great progress, and...

New Forums!

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w00t! Thanks to the immense support of Fenring (Fenring Mod Productions), we now have a fully operational phpBB forum! Visit them (here! Unfortunately...

Red Alert 2: Total Destruction first public beta released!

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Finally, after several months of development, I've just uploaded the first public beta of Total Destruction for Yuri's Revenge! Despite the fact that...


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Just gave crackone, our Maps & Arts-manager, access...expect some more screenshots here soon... :)

Still here, just busy

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Ooops...14 unread PMs...I'm sorry... I've been very busy with TD, since we've decided to release the public beta soon; it will be out somewhere within...

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