Awake in a nightmare and discover the deep plot left malleable to interpretations. Mythology, fetal suicide, and more are hinted at within this surreal landscape. Now raise the volume, turn down the lights, and prepare to enter the world of stagnant growths.

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Meki says

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This mod was weird...
I did not understand the story, maybe I missed something?
Plus, monsters at every corner popping out of nowhere... thanks, not my cup of tea :(
And I didn't need the rusty key - tried opening all doors in the mod with it, to no avail.


The maps are good but i did not like all the chase scene.


StevenTasiopulos says

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Just words that do not make sense, not a story..


Not at all.

|Level Design|:
Some rooms were good some rooms were bad.

A lot.

|Scary Aspect|:
What can i say.One chase was awesome though.

Didn't want to keep playing but i did.


|Voice Acting|:

Don't care.




Humeba says

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That was a good mod. It scared me a few times.


Ozzkat says

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An absolutely phenomenal custom story that really does discern itself from all others I've ever played! It was very enjoyable, but I do wish it was longer however... The 8/10 is really just due to two blimps I picked up: The rusty key had no use that I could find at all, but the story wasn't really OPEN-ENDED to me (which would've been fine), but instead a hole. The ending was extremely confusing and lacked a real... "bang," I guess you could say. It'd be amazing if you could revamp this with a few fixes, but nevertheless, I still applaud you! Great job!


Adake says

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Quite bizarre CS but the story itself was unorganized.


Garendor says

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The main issue that I found with this mod was the scares because of how numerous they were throughout this experience. While playing, I had the first monster ecounter very quickly, inside the main room. The first was the worst I guess, in which the monster was not hard or creepy at all, since you saw them in clear light, and he was easy to get around due to the column glitches. The next scare was the bright hallway scare, which was easily the best of the scares in this custom story. The light and environment make you oh so comforted by it, but you suspect something else is going on, and something does happen. When that monster comes out of the end of the hallway, making you vulnerable and frightened as hell. With the door behind you closed, you must make your escape to the crumbling hallway, but there another monster begins to chase you. This enthralling experience is not only testing the "don't look behind" aspect but is also testing your skill. However, if you die, you can notice the cheap difficulty of it all. After that, the scares become oh so more often and tedious to the point of which not wanting to play anymore, and not out of fright, but of frustration.
Also, the custom story is filled with tedious searches for keys and such. The story is fairly weak as well, not bothering to explain itself, only instead to give you the next chase sequence.
The only aspect that saves this custom story is the wonderful flurry of beautiful lighting and some innovative level desings (though some can feel empty). Overall, I wouldn't really recommend this custom story to anyone, and I'd suggest the author to try with a new approach. ;)
Story: 4/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Scares: 3/10
Puzzles: 5/10

Some chase scene are nice but the others are really annoying. You will die sometimes for sure if you don't know what to do. The story left us confused and my beloved lantern is not there :P

very scary mod, was kinda hard too, but I don't see the point of the womb room, it only felt weird to be in there

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The maps are good but i did not like all the chase scene.

Dec 11 2011 by doom2299