Tidal Wars is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour that will bring you the new genuine naval warfare. Sets in alternate version of the Generals universe, after the event of the original game, the unstopping threat from GLA remnants pushes US Navy to take a daring decision, with the invention from Evans Corporation, the conflict enters a new chapter.

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weoot its another update! arent you happy!? :p yayayayay

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This is an older version of the mod, would you like to build at it? (y/n)
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Opening update 15/12/08

Yo guys! This is KariaS - SairaK , the co-leader of Project Evans! Today i bring you an awsome update about our sw33t tanks, modelled by Me, skinned by Chadaface and coded by Admiral! Here is our 1st Unit, the China BattleLord!
BattleLord Finished
This sw33t little tank can destroy most of those dammit crusader rushes! This tank packs a larger punch than the China Battlemaster which makes up for its lack for speed. It can be upgraded with the same upgrade of a battlemaster(it acts almost the same anyways).

Next up, is out USA granger light tank! the Guardian tank!
Guardian tank skinned
Now granger can use this little ass to kill your anti air hahahaahah!!! then he'll spam king raptors :p
This guy is weaker than the USA crusader, but he reloads faster and moves at a quicker pace than it. The upgrade for it is also similar to the crusader.

Now for a little teaser, the Mammoth tank!!!!!!
Mammoth tank
This mammoth is actually skinned so dun worry about it. Coding is still under process tho. BTW, this is a public model so dun go saying i stole it from watever mod okay? This mammy uses railguns and stinger missles without any upgardes, making it pwn. But beware, the price of this beast is not cheap so spend wisely on other stuff.

well thats all for todays updates. :p cya Project Evans fans!

KariaS - SairaK

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Who gets the Mammoth?

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ruby92 Author

SwP gen

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mammoth starts out with the railguns. and don't worry ruby i have something special for it >:) mwahaha

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