You are known only as patient #19. You've been in an accident, and fallen into coma-like state. You have to investigate the depths of your mind known as The Stairs of Subconsciousness to wake up, or will you?

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KrustiClawn says

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This story runs deep, but the fear runs deeper.
I'm not really sure what I loved most. The extremely dark and spooky enviroment or the deep story. Both of them really well created!

Review V.2

You fixed alot of the glitches and bugs I found and the story is a bit more detaild. It's a really good story! Sad it's so short, but it was a fun experience. Would love to see more from you :)

9/10 - Awesome


This custom story is quite atmospheric. The story of the mod is simple, yet subtly deeper than most around here.
The concept behind the story is interesting, and that what make this mod so unique.
The scare moments are well done. They make you jump literaly, but in the good way.
Also, there are no jumpscares, and that is awesome.
What this custom story lacks is a proper development of the gameplay mechanics, making it too linear.
But, using some of the mechanics of amnesia, adding a good concept behind, and with a decent level design, i said we have a success here.
Its a short and entertaining ride, with tension and a good amount of complexity.
Unfortunately, this is one ride. It doesn't have any kind of replay value.
But i really enjoyed this little mod. I would really like to see another work from this developer.


Pretty good custom story, scary, straight forward until you get to the button puzzle on the third floor.

This was freaking scary man!!!! I almost peed in my pants! >__<"


chap1400 says

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Pretty good custom story. Great atmosphere, constantly felt threatened and vulnerable. The story was simple but that isn't necessarily a bad point. The music was really fitting and tied in with some of the scares well.

There were a few scares that I didn't like, such as the 'spawn in face' events. I did notice a few map errors here and there, however it was good overall. Loved the link between modern day and amnesia style environments,I thought it added a lot. It was short but I still enjoyed it. Voice acting wasn't too bad, though a little drowned out at times.

For a single-person mod, it's really good! Would recommend it as it's well worth a play through - Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go change my pants.

Actually a really impressive custom story despite it's length. A good few scares along the way and the story flowed nicely added to the smoothness of the custom story (lag wise) all results in a top job :)

Too simple, looks like a demo.

I give it a nine because I really love the custom story! But it was short, sadly D: Keep up the good work and thanks for making it! <3


NightSshadeGaming says

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The story is really good, I said in the start that it somehow remind me of White Night, but I wouldn't call it a 'copy' since it didn't really have anything in common except the intro. I love the idea behind this story, but there are some glitches. I managed to pick up the key for the fifth (I believe?) floor without unlocking the desk, also there were no clear instructions where to use that code. Couple of unexpected scares, really good atmosphere in my opinion. Detailing could be better since I saw some empty spaces (the corridors, which were like 50% of the story). You should've added some boxes in these corridors or candles, or I have no idea, but they seem pretty empty as they are now. The final scare is awesome, didn't expect that one comming. This story surely has it's moments, without a doubt :) Ambience is good, especially in that room with the power switch (where you hear the monster breaking the door). The length isn't really 20 minutes, since I'm kind-of an experienced Amnesia let's player, and it still took me like 45 minutes to finish it (with 10 of them being cut off the videos). Had a great time playing your story, it is really a good one. Only because of the detailing, I won't give it 10/10, but a 9/10 which is still pretty impressive and good :)

No texture glitches thank god +1

Scary atmosphere +1

Good story (for the most part) +1

Repetitive -4

Worst puzzles ever -2

Short -1

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