The Space Pirate is a new gameplay modification for (G)ZDoom that takes Doom to new heights! Featuring bladed boomerangs, ridiculously cool melee combat, crossbows, and much more! The Space Pirate Neo is the Zandronum version which features new weapons, characters, and exclusives catered to online deathmatch and cooperative play.

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An introduction tutorial for both Melody Crosswell and The Space Pirate as a whole. Learn Mel's moves, weapons, and all that fun stuff here. Note that some of the maneuvers discussed pertain only to the upcoming V.0.1.2 Alpha.

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You're curious - you just downloaded The Space Pirate and you're wondering what the fuss is all about. Well look no further my friend, here today I'm going to teach you the ins and outs of TSP using our first (and as of this writing, only) character, Melody Crosswell. You can call her Mel for short.

Mel is the middle ground, the Mario of The Space Pirate. She's as fast as the default Doom player, her base health is at 100, and there's not a whole lot that separates her from our typical Doom protagonist. So seeing as she's not too different from what you're probably used to, Mel's quirks and intricacies revolve mostly around the slightly different gameplay that The Space Pirate offers.

Let's get the obvious out of the way first! Unlike Doom, your melee is incredibly useful. Every enemy you encounter (barring bosses) will be susceptible to being stunned by your melee attacks. This includes melee attacks while using your weapons as well! Mel in particular can switch from her hand-to-hand combat style to a weapon like Zeke Shotgun or the Dahlia Crossbow effortlessly and quickly mid-combo. This will allow you to tackle small groups of enemies with relative ease, meaning memorizing and understanding Mel's combo strings is a must.

The melee combat in TSP allows you to create your own combination attacks, and for Mel, her attacks come out at a quick speed and deal decent damage (between 6 and 9 damage per hit), so creating a combo on the go is relatively simple.

Besides your typical weapons, Mel has unique abilities that are accessed by using the "SPECIAL" button (which can be binded to any key you like in the keyboard settings menu). Pressing the Special button while in your melee stance will allow you to unleash the MAG GRAPPLE, which will pull enemies closer to you and put them in a brief stun state. You can follow up with a melee attack or pull out a weapon to maximize your damage. Up to you!

Pressing SPECIAL and then immediately pressing PRIMARY FIRE will use the MAG PUSH, essentially the reverse of the Mag Grapple. This will push enemies away from you and also deflect incoming projectiles, even Lost Souls! Lastly, pressing SPECIAL then ALTERNATE FIRE will allow you to use the MAG SLING, which uses the enemy you are targeting as an anchor point to catapult yourself over to. This move can be used to reach otherwise inaccessible areas and enemies!

Each of the Mag moves can be canceled into mid-combo. Using any of these moves in the middle of a combo will not reset the combo, so you can continue your attack after you've pulled, pushed, or slung yourself towards an enemy. Learning the benefits and limitations of these moves is key to being victorious in any conflict you find yourself in.

Mel starts with the Makoto Arms Type 919 Mod.0. Yeah, it's a mouthful, so we'll just call it the 919m.

The 919m is a decent starting weapon, with semi-automatic and full-auto firing modes, it's an accessible weapon for almost any situation. In semi-auto, the 919m has a decent firing rate and is fairly accurate at medium ranges. However, when under heavy fire from demonic hordes, the full-auto firing mode can mow down crowds of lesser enemies, but suffers when tackling bigger targets due to its recoil and limited mag size. On the plus side, its ammo is more common than the Ammobox 50's, as it is dropped from every standard zombie type.

The covers most of the basics in The Space Pirate! You're ready to go slay some demons and get a decent paycheck*! Stay tuned for more tutorials and updates as the mod progresses!


*decent paycheck not guaranteed


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