The year is 2029 15 years after the virus, most animals are dead now and a civil war has broke out. Tanks, Helicopters, Motorcycles, Jeeps, Rocket launchers, Napalm guns, Poison gas, Full auto machine guns, Armored vehicles, Trucks, Sniper rifles with working scopes, Freelancer has been added, Permenant camps, Build outposts and a Fort, and much, much more

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Pretty good mod for still being made.

Fine work! Good luck!


sambob says

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A really innovative mod with many interesting twists-excellent work!
Some flaws, which I'm sure you're aware of- no health bar while in battle, no sounds when traveling on the world map, and the 'View Orders' button not functional- but was generally very impressed with this mod.
Hope the developer will continue to improve it.


very buggy but still addictive



Frequently die for no reason. Especially frustrating since the game just decides you are dead and have to load a save instead of giving you chance like it normally would. Also, the game crashes more frequently than any other mod I have used.


Innovative mod with great amount of unique features. Some minor annoyances are present, but the mod is a must-have.

Good, definitely need more work still


Annihitor_the_Incred says

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Greatness oozes forth in many odd shapes. This is one such shape. Take heed and learn from masters of this, the Modd Pantheon.


wonderful (:

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Pretty good mod for still being made.

Jan 9 2017 by DoomBlackDragon