You are a new member of the Siberian resistance... To the south of you city A-36 burns to ash along with the Resistance base of operations in the area. You are taken off the street from your home to fight for the resistance. The next move involves migrating the armed and the refugees to the Siberian tundra to seek refuge in its ominous waste. Unforgiving War and freezing temperatures await you.

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Dec 16 2011 Anchor

Heya, i think ima have fun with this mod for a bit since it looks pretty good so far.
I cannot contribute anything (maybe ameturish concept art) but ideas and words. So modders... whats the preveiw story? How does our hero progress through the story?
Im sorry if this seems kind of early, but I think thats pretty much the driving point of the mod. If you just have a bunch of people go to point A to B without much background it would be a pretty dull game :/ (in my opinion)
Feel free to kick me out if im talking smack.

Dec 17 2011 Anchor

well basically its just a bunch of new maps....jk torllolol

i cant really tell you the story line. But i can tell you some stuff.

Basically you are a father, and some real heavy shit goes down, hopefully tear jerking. But you are taken by the resistance. Which is were my twist starts coming in, because we portray the resistance as a force of military people mixed with men that are forced to fight, putting your character in a loose loose, lesser of two evils situation. Now the story skips ahead around 5 months to where a lot of the original resistance has been destroyed, such as city- A-36 (Keeping with "cannon" names) being burned to ash. So they are forced to move north into the barren waste seeking refuge. slowly moving from "Okhostk" to the harbor at "Pevek" (Fits with actual maps) so that they can escape to North america by ship. Although the combine advance is converging on the last remaining cities still belonging to man. But unbeknownst to the resistance a large combine facility is in the progress of searching through the icy tundra. But for what...

Tune in around January 12 for a media update!

Dec 17 2011 Anchor


Dec 18 2011 Anchor

Are you being sarcastic, or for serious...?

Dec 18 2011 Anchor


Dec 18 2011 Anchor

lol I understand why you want to keep the story on the down low, becuase showing the story ruins the game (somehow) im not sarcastic ever, its an ugly thing to be.

Dec 19 2011 Anchor

ok haha good,!

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