Ninja - Fighting mod in the naruto universe, with jutsus and flying.

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Naruto Mod units and jutsus in Warring States!
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Sonne2 Author

Had texture and shader detail to low since there were more than 200 units on screen. Again the pc is REFURBISHED.......

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Cool! Will the Sharingan be harder to get? Or is it something you'll have to keep yourself from getting?

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Sonne2 Author

At the moment, planning to have sharingan given to players who choose Uchiha male and female in the character creation menu. It makes more sense that way, also have the sharingan level up in tomoes as the player gets more xp eventually awaking his/her mangekyou sharingan :

You can always find it in cheatmenu, but in stores nope. Since it would be weird as bleep to walk into a store and ask the employee

Random Guy:"yeah, I want to buy an eye"

Employee: "okay, here you go ^_^"

Random Guy: "pluck,....Mangekyou Sharingan!!!"

......Only Danzo can do this.....

To be honest, I really need to start making my own code, feeling kind of guilty using everyone's open source code instead of making my own. :|

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Sonne2 Author

I mean, yeah I've made some jutsus, even madara's meteor, but compared to everyone's code on taleworlds, well .. it can't even compare lol, their code is complex, while my code is too simple to use lol. It may be good, or bad. Whatever the reason, must up my game in code.

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Just messing around in quick battle, releasing the 2.202 patch today to get it off the list, to start working on Warring States and Multiplayer. It may take some time for it to be approved, it'll take atleast the entire day.

In time the mod will get rid of many brytenwalda items and build its own items relating to the naruto anime and peoples OC's, yes Noncannon characters that people came up with in their heads lol.

And its time for me to stop using "I", lol I use it alot in sentences, WAIT !@$# I just used it! NO I DID IT AGAIN!! AND AGAI-*thud*

Don't forget to check out narusimu too, it will have more jutsus and possibilies!

Warring States units will be from the era of warring states with the Uchiha and Senju, then other clans, the modern units you see here are just placeholder troops to get used to the module system and what it does. Don't worry you can play as warring states and naruto mod units in multiplayer lol.

And this is very off-topic, but if your tired of reading japanese culture and want something different, try this manhwa set in korea's three kingdoms period. , it's nice to see different cultures. Especially when it is based on history. The translation stops at chapter 51, so if you have a naver account and can read korean go here and enjoy.

Also try out the Naruto Mod for openbor

Also read Gintama, its very comedic! its entering one of the best chapters of all time, been readin since '06. Current series of chapters: protect tha Shogunnnnn!

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