"The Masked Prisoner" explores the untold stories of several Half Life characters - taking place in a prison on the outskirts of City 17.

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This was undoubtedly the best mod I've played in a year (or longer).
Some of the vistas, even though blocky, are really well detailed. It's indeed a shame that the author won't be resolving the plentiful blocky rocks and grasses, but all this is forgiven by the really well done interiors of the camp.
The scripting in the mod is top-notch and is obvious that this an actual designer's work. The action sequences are really blood-pumping and there is plenty to explode.
The mod also makes use of the "disguise" technique which is really cool with all it's subtlety.
At last, that end run was absolutely marvelous, super exciting. I've never seen an ending to a mod that was this awesome.

I wish Mr. Mike continues working on Source modding/mapping.


Really nice Half-Life mini-installment to explain where the hell Barney went to during EP2. What a klutz. Perfect voice actor for Alyx, though and actually surprised me that I was playing as him, and genuinely thought that I was originally playing as a HL2 citizen just captured by the Combine because RDM...


an overally very enjoyable experience.

i thouroughly enjoyed being a cp but would`ve preferred it to go on a bit longer before i blew my cover.


mkpoli says

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This is a short but very very well-made mod. At first, I guess the main character was a security from Black Mesa. At the end, I realized he is Barney. So nice!

Very great mod, not as good as other mods i played. but still such a BLAST !!


Maks92 says

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Good mod, good paced action, interesting story, but i think that artisticaly it could be beter...

+Alot of fighting and a nice introduction to whats going on with Barney.
+Some new voice acting, quite minimal but it all felt like it had its place.
+Moderately long.

-No puzzles really, besides a rather simple blow up combine generator.

Its definitely a fun 30-40 minutes if you have played alot of good mods and want more. I'd recommend this easily.


This is very nicely done, and it's hard for me to say that. My only complain is that it's maybe a little too short. Nice twist at the end, should have seen it coming.

Straight forward, wonderfully scripted and tightly design, the masked prisoner was a wonderful romp from beginning to end.

While the first release turned me off with orange-mapping, and the latest release is missing some details in the levels, the eye-candy is nothing without solid gameplay, something TMP makes up for ten-fold. With great enemy placement and tight and frantic combat, TMP is just long enough to keep your attention and short enough to refrain from becoming dry.

Simply stunning, I had a blast. :D


Wow this is a very cool piece of work!

I really enjoyed, and I think the fact that made me really got hooked and entertained by this mod, is that it’s goal it’s simple and very realistic. You know “escape the prison” though things won’t be as you expected at the final moments and that’s pretty well done in this mod, I mean it has a very sweet and cool element of surprise and the whole story plot development is told into the mod gameplay perfectly.

I think also another great point in favor about this mod, is that the sections are defined pretty neatly, there’s a perfect introduction to the scenario which keeps the player involved and curious about exploring where are you and who are you. Also we have a middle part, where we actually have to get the things done, then a cool incressendo battle and a splendid and surprising end.

I think this little mod is a classic in HL2 modding universe now, and why? well simple: because it uses Barney as the main character and because the whole story feels very real into the HL2 universe. And also because the little detention post of the combine looks like a very realistic concentration camp, and the environment is terrific at the beginning, you know, we feel the totalitarian fist of the CMB and is just a joy to ravage it oppressive system pictured there on that little countryside prison or detention camp.

The only issue I see with this mod, is that although we are into a beautiful scenario, with magnificent green forest and mountain views, some mapping details, as many in this forum have already noticed, feel just way too sharp and straight lined, specially those edges, you know, I also feel some indoor areas and cabins quite boxy, and those really sharped edges in outdoor areas make them feel not very natural.

But despite of those minor shortcomings, this mod is very nice and a joy to play too, the whole details of what to do (like those cool blueprints in the rebel base) and how the resistance members contact you and enco

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