The Hordes of Chaos (THOC) is a total conversion mod for Diablo II. Many aspects of the game are being changed including quests, skills, monsters, bosses, classes, NPCs, items, runes, cube recipes, and maps.

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Diablo II: The Hordes of Chaos Releases Beta Version 8

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I would like to announce the release of The Hordes of Chaos Beta 8. The latest version of this mod includes some skill changes, more unique items, map...

THoC 8 Release Date Set

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Much development has been completed over the last few months, nad now its time to release the next beta. The Hordes of Chaos Beta 8 has a planned release...

Diablo II: The Hordes of Chaos Releases Beta Version 7

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After a long slumber, The Hordes of Chaos Beta Release 7 has finally arrived! You can find the download here This release will fix the infamous Drider...

Next Release almost here

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Just to let everyone know...the next release of The Hordes of Chaos is just around the corner. I plan on releasing it at the end of the month. New features...

Skill Masteries

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A new feature has been added to THoC. Skill masteries are non-class based skills that will be used to enhance other related skills. The masteries include...

Staff changes

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The Hordes of Chaos Mod is going through a staff change. Since I haven't heard from my old Junior modders in about 6 months or so, they will be removed...

Status Update

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Development is slowly continuing. Bugs Fixed: - The Drider bug has been fixed - The Spellbook bug has been fixed - The Warrior's Sword Mastery skill...


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Mod development for THOC has started once more. Recently I have fixed the bug with the Driders, as well as giving them some new tricks to beat players...

The Hordes of Chaos Joins

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Diablo II: The Hordes of Chaos has joined this week. The mod has been in development for one year already, and is currently on its 6th beta...

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