A story, that happened 10 years before the unnamed hero
was thrown into the mining colony.

Myrtana, the Vaduz Island, not long before the creation of magic barrier and not long after the beginning of war with orcs. Thanks to the fate, leading a rather monotonous life, Lars becomes a participant in the event that changes everything. In mysterious circumstances, twelve of the most powerful mages of the kingdom led by famous Grandmaster of Fire, Xardas, arrive on the island. No one knows, what they are doing there. The only thing that is known is that soon they plan to continue their journey.

Lars, after helping the mages, will receive a proposition to travel with them to the Khorinis Island. Wizards are going to create there a magic barrier to isolate prisoners from the outside world,… at least that’'s what they say. Our hero will receive different tasks (not only from the mages), which may be a real challenge for a player.

Character and the world

Lars is a young man, who with his father (a former soldier of royal army), has a small blacksmith shop near the city of Vaduz. His father, apart from teaching him the profession, helps him in combat skills. His dream is that his son will find some peaceful job and that he won’t take part in any battles.

He himself, as a veteran of wars with orcs, doesn’t deal well with the trauma. After smallpox and death of his wife he drinks a lot getting himself in more trouble. However, as it appears – the worst is yet to come...

Mages arrive on the island and after you fulfill a task given by them, they offer you collaboration and going with them on the Khorinis Island. What will we find there? The old harbor known from Gothic 2 will be unrecognizable. Dozens moored ships, sailors, traders, knights, prisoners and travelers will fill the whole harbor neighborhood. Apart from that, the whole city will be refreshed and extended. The Khorinis Island itself will also look different: all burned down houses and destroyed constructions will look as new, there will be more roads, a few times more people, more households, inns and other interesting objects.

The Valley of Mines also will look differently. The Old Camp, once in ruin, now will look as brand new, mountain fortress and collapsed mines will be full of life. There will be a few mines and not only in the Valley of Mines, but also on Khorinis. Of course, acces to the Valley of Mines will be restricted, not anyone will be able to enter. Safe conduct pass will be needed.

The rest will be told by screenshots.

What does this mod offer?

  • The world's first fan project with professional dubbing
  • New main character.
  • Vaduz Island –brand new world much bigger than the ones from previous versions!
  • Khorinis, The Valley of Mines and the Old Mine as you’ve never seen before!
  • Attention to the compliance with the story of the saga.
  • New 3D models.
  • Ability to use a shield.
  • Many treasures to be found.
  • Side quests.
  • Humoristic elements.
  • New objects.
  • New textures.
  • New guilds and armors.
  • Professional soundtrack composed especially for the needs of this modification.
  • New SFX.
  • New skills (advanced blacksmithing, cooking, loading water from river, lakes, etc.).
  • New climatic interface reflectong a character and feeling of the addon.
  • Hugh numer of new PFX.
  • and many many more.
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New video with English and Russian subtitles (German will be added as soon as possible). ENJOY!

New year news!

New year news!

News 6 comments

We have new video from king's Rhobar II palace for you! (English, Russian, and German subtitles!)

Set of informations

Set of informations

News 4 comments

A collection of informations from last two months.

New website launched!

New website launched!

News 1 comment

We would like to present you a completely new designed page of Gothic II: the History of Khorinis project!

Meet forests of Vaduz

Meet forests of Vaduz

News 5 comments

Screenshots depicting the areas located between the village of the main character - Lars, and the rest of the Vaduz island.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 105)

God damn, this is a mod. A MOD!

I always wanted to play mods for this game but since I can't read/speak germany nor any language that really dedicated to this game it's a bummer.

I really hope this mod will get translated and released exactly when the polish ver comes out!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Well that is a nice present for christmas: that this mod is alive!
and mice idea to include the rhobar palace in gothic 1 intro!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dark/ Creator

Project is ALWAYS alive - just observe us on facebook (because here we write information selectively) ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

what is your facebook ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There's our Facebook page:

Now we have content only in Polish language, but we will plan to write posts in other languages (English, German and Russian).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

English posts would be much appreciated, thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hope this mod goes live someday
I still consider gothic 2 as best game of all time and recently after 10th+ replay i still found something new
Greets from Slovenia

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

good mod! cannot wait!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Few questions guys...
- Are you planning english voice acting for this mod?
- Will it be DX11 supported?
- Will there be possible to apply L'Hiver texture pack?
- Can you create main caracter model with higher level of details and polys?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Komuchpl Creator

I also replied on our forums.

We are not sure about english voice acting at this point. I believe we will decide after we finish recording polish voice acting. It is highly probable however if we will be able to find people willing to volunteer.

I myself will make dx11 viable option for our mod. The official release will be without dx11 support(by that i mean it will not have dedicated settings and normal maps, other than that it will be able to run dx11)

We are against l'hiver texture pack since while it might look good, it doesn't reflect the old gothic atmosphere. It changes too much in our opinion, most of the textures are from games like skyrim, the witcher, etc. where the rendering technology is much different than in zengine(occlusion, tesselation, normal maps, post processes).

I am not sure whether we can change body to a higher definition one. It might be possible, but as far as I know no one has proposed this yet. Thanks to you we might just do that.

Reply Good karma+5 votes

I volunter for the english voice acting .... would love to do that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

They took care to make professional voice acting for polish version so I guess if english will ever exist you won't have a chance to try

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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