The Haunted is a fast paced thirdperson horror-action game with focus on a intense multiplayer experience that is all about making a stand and liberating cursed places from the minions of evil. The game features several multiplayer modes such as coop or demons .vs. humans, where enemies are spawned and controlled by players. The outstanding visuals lay a perfect tone for the gameplay.

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May 2 2009 Anchor

Download :
Search Hamachi on google

Hamachi is a program where you can play UT3 online with a banned cdkey (other reasons)

Here is the network info for all servers on Hamachi

Name : The Haunted 1
Pass : 1

Name : The Haunted 2
Pass : 2

Name : The Haunted 3
Pass : 3

Name : The Haunted 4
Pass : 4

Servers are working

Tested. (if anyone needs help finding a server while ppl are on Hamachi) with comment and i will post a guide.

The Haunted 3 & 4 will be deleted till hamachi gets crowned


Last Update Saturday, May 02, 2009, 5:05PM eastern time


Users In Hamachi

The Haunted 1 : 4 users
The Haunted 2 : 2 Users

will post a guide to using hamachi soon.

May 4 2009 Anchor

Like I said in your other spam thread, buy the game.

May 12 2009 Anchor

Even if he didn't buy the game, everyone needs port forwarding to make a server, so Hamachi is really handy to play with friends and such.

Sorry for the bump.

May 25 2009 Anchor

I hope people actually join! :D
1 ,2 are FULL

Edited by: Moof

Jun 8 2009 Anchor

You kids do not know how to use hamachi.The creator of these networks must kick the offline members so others could join( obviously offline members do not play on hamachi loool).This should be done because of the hamachi limit of 15 members.So, if you do something like that, you'll get more players, not just offliners who leave their trash account, filling network limit.
I advise you that, if you want to play, start kicking members everytime they went offline -and admins could give admin rights( kick and ban only ) to a guy who's disposed of doing the ,,cleaning job''( who has the time), as admin rights are based of its ip.
If UT3 does not work for you in hamachi, I could learn you how to do it.

I already told them to clean up.But no, they wait for something divine to clear the offline players, so new players could join.

Edited by: thefrozen99

Aug 4 2009 Anchor

Hy i made a hamachi network.

name:The Hunted 5

Come and Join:It's only me but I hope that people will come.Oh yeah I nearly forgot to mention due to my crappy internet i am not able to host server without lagging.So i hope you host one or two.

Aug 23 2009 Anchor

Like Sanjuaro said, if you buy the game, you can access the public server list, and play on servers running the game. Right now there' around 5-10 servers running this mod, and the games are generally pretty full.

Also, you can forward your ports appropriately and add your own server to the list, dedicated or not. The more servers people see on the public server list, the more people who will hang around and keep playing this awesome mod.

Sep 1 2009 Anchor

Hey your hamachi servers seem to be nonactive, so i made my own and joined a few other ones just for The haunted...
Server name: The Haunted server
Pass: pass

Server name: TheHaunted
Pass: pass

Server name: Haunted3dg
Pass: 3dg

Hope someone comes and joins and plays with me. For some reason i cant play the game the normal way sooo im hoping Hamachi helps.

Nov 12 2009 Anchor

i made 1 to its
name:The Haunted Mod
plz join

Nov 30 2009 Anchor

alright ppl since i coulnt find a server for ut3 i made my own im always on

network: ut3anyone
Pass: ut3

Dec 6 2009 Anchor

Hamachi not good b/c it gets full check out this link

xxx[dot]youtube[dot]xxx /watch?v=Q1afSHqKFvc

We need a lobby chat for this mod game so we can get the servers up

I just got UT3 just for this Mod but found that there is no servers on there :(

so get Tunngle:

make an account I be waiting after install

click on browser go to shooter
you will see a list of games click on the bottom right that says " Vorwarts>> " which means next I guess, keep clicking till you see UT3 chat room I be in there

let start kick zombie butt

when you host it should be hosted as Lan fyi

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