The Haunted is a fast paced thirdperson horror-action game with focus on a intense multiplayer experience that is all about making a stand and liberating cursed places from the minions of evil. The game features several multiplayer modes such as coop or demons .vs. humans, where enemies are spawned and controlled by players. The outstanding visuals lay a perfect tone for the gameplay.

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Sep 13 2009 Anchor

First off, you guys have done a fantastic job with what you have so far.

To your team coder / whoever coded your HauntedGame.u script:
You did an amazing job on the random generation of the monsters.
Pathfinding is great, and it's universally compatible with non-TH maps. (as a student at college majoring in computer science, I love modding, so I tested some stuff out, I can tell when a lot of time and effort has been spent on something, your script is no exception).

To your modeler(s), texture(s), and effect maker(s):
Again, fantastic job, especially the acid spitting, armless zombie (I say armless because he's not using them, even though they seem to be in a straightjacket), the effects for his berserk mode are so fitting.

---Some ideas
For Singleplayer:
Some sort of a Hunt+, or a mutator for Hunt mode, where you can set up Godmode for all human players (I say "All" even though it's singleplayer, because of an idea I have that I will explain later), infinite ammunition in your pack (like in one of the multiplayer gametypes, I'm not as familiar with MP gametypes because the "addbots 3" command only produces 3 bots that do nothing, and because of the lack of human companions to play with), as well as console commands like "giveXP x" which would give you weapon XP, or "giveXPBar x", where x is between 1 and 0, this will add the specified percentage of the weapon XP bar's maximum (so "giveXPBar 0.5" adds half a bar). Again Hunt+ is for SP only, or if it were on MP, then it would be a mutator for the server to select.

DebugCreatePlayer support! (This is a MUST)
DebugCreatePlayer combined with the XInputEmu stuff (to find this, search for the UT3 Splitscreen mod here at ModDB) allows a second person to use a controller to play, with his own character (you can use UTInput.CFG to specify what each button does, open the one in My Games/UT3/UTGame/Config, and search for "XboxTypeS"). From what I know, your camera fade-in/fade-out function screws up this, because if you attempt this, then the fade in/fade out is reversed, and the screen is forced black, for some reason (seeing as your HauntedGame.u script does not have a public source, I can't say for certain, but the camera fade-in/out function seems to be the culprit).

At the moment only one, but I'll probably find more as I go

Bug nickname: Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' (this is what I'll refer to it as)
Bugged object: Witchhammer (or whatever it's called, the fan blade upgrade of the chainsaw)
Basically, the witchhammer requires that you click in order to do damage, this of course, slows you to walking speed as all aiming does (This isn't the bug, this is just how I found it)...
Because of the walk speed, the witchhammer generally leads to you taking damage from certain enemies before you can hit them (namely the Acid spitters and the Sickle blade wielders). Looking for a way to prevent the damage, I stumbled upon what appears to be a bug...

Directions: Equip Witchhammer, when an enemy is close, click, and then dodge roll towards them (you may have to hold the mouse button).

Even though you're rolling and the witchhammer isn't touching them, you're still dealing damage to whatever unfortunate enemy stumbles into your path. This basically allows you to use the Witchhammer at running speed (or close to it anyway) during the roll.

Haven't tried it with the chainsaw but it probably does the same thing. Witchhammer is more fun to use though, since anyone hit by it gets minced and spun around comically.

- That's about all for now, but as I get ideas/find bugs I'll let you know

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Sep 14 2009 Anchor

Thanks for the feedback :)

As for XP, you can enter th_debug_drop, this will always give you a upgrade box on the next kill.

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Sep 14 2009 Anchor

Ignore the camera fade in/out part
That only happens when you do a non 4:3 ratio resolution
So in order to have 2 players viewing the screen, you have to have your resolution set to 1024x768 or a resolution with the same ratio
DebugCreatePlayer still doesn't work right though, because only Player 0 (by default, the keyboard user) can actually spawn.
Player 1 can move around, but is basically forced into spectator.

Another idea:
Admin system like Admin Toolkit (admin toolkit mutator doesn't work with Haunted)

More stuff

Bruiser stun is waaay too overpowered.
I mash the keys but most of the time it does nothing and one bruiser brings me from 200 to 0.

Spectator bug:
I'm not sure whether or not I should state this (because this bug basically allows you to spawn (in a new round) with an upgraded pistol, and possibly other upgrades, not sure, since it only happened with pistol)
Right now I'm not sure of the details but I'll report back when I test it a bit more.

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Oct 2 2009 Anchor

Ive said this before, the bruser stun inst overpowered, its to hard to do, you havent made it clear what you HAVE to do. mabye put it into the tips on the loading screens? or make it more clear?

a lot of new players rage quit becase of it it battle mode

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