The Haunted is a fast paced thirdperson horror-action game with focus on a intense multiplayer experience that is all about making a stand and liberating cursed places from the minions of evil. The game features several multiplayer modes such as coop or demons .vs. humans, where enemies are spawned and controlled by players. The outstanding visuals lay a perfect tone for the gameplay.

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Nov 29 2009 Anchor

I figured out how to create a dedicated server off of my laptop even when the retail game won't start, due to hardware restrictions.

1. Start from the Retail game
2. No dedicated server files to download
3. Works with mods (The Haunted)
4. Runs on old hardware & laptops

Step 1
Install the Unreal Tournament 3 retail game off the DVD.

Step 2
Download Patches and install current patches.
2.1 Patch

Step 3
Download & install The Haunted

Step 4
Create .bat file to execute dedicated server.
I have conveniently create the .bat file for you to copy & paste into a notepad file. Then save the file with the name of the featured level & game mode and type the extension .bat at the end as the file type
These dedicated servers are for LAN play only. A few tweaks will allow internet server functionality.
I had to link the code for each level into an html file because will give me an error for 80 or more characters in one word and the .bat code is way more than that.

Canyon Survival

Excavation Survival

Stronghold Survival

Tempe Survival

Step 5
copy/paste .bat files into: C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries

Step 6
Test the dedicated server. Double-click one of the .bat files and make sure it runs the server. Then try to connect with a workstation. Make sure to make and "Exception" in your Windows firewall, or just turn it off.

Step 7
To exit the dedicated server, press: Ctrl+C

Step 8
Right-click each .bat file and create a shortcut to put on your desktop. This will save you time on running the server without having to find the .bat files in the Binaries folder each time.

- Make sure all the code is on one line. Sometimes the formatting from copy/paste can put the code on separate lines. A few tweak will allow different game modes also.
- The dedicated server may take 30-60 seconds to initiate, depending on the speed of your computer.
- if it doesn't work, or you can't see the server in the multi-player list, check these resources for help:
How to set up a UT3 Dedicated Server
Running a dedicated server

In case you were wondering, all I did was run the dedicated server from my retail version of Unreal Tournament 3 and copied the code from the command line. Then created the .bat files that automatically run when double-clicked. Then copied them to my laptop and put them in the same directory. Works great when you have several computers connecting to the game and you don't want to run a "listen server" that will bog down performance.

Nov 30 2009 Anchor

Thanks, nice tutorial. :)

Feb 23 2010 Anchor

Will this work for desktop's?? If so i could make a TH-Custom Content server :)

Feb 23 2010 Anchor

Yes. Its called a dedicated server. I have used an extra old computer for the server too.
Remember, the BAT files only have the code for Survival gametype.
If you want to change the gametype, try those links on:
How to set up a UT3 Dedicated Server
Running a dedicated server
it should be as simple as changing GameMode=0 but I havn't tried it.
The BAT files are for LAN play too.
If you want to use your extra computer for an internet server, then there are some settings you will need to change.
Don't forget that your internet bandwidth will affect how smooth the server runs....
Let me know if you have more questions...

Feb 25 2010 Anchor

If I make a server can i shut it down??

Feb 26 2010 Anchor

yes, the dedicated server for Unreal Tournament 3 can be shut down by pretting Ctrl + C on the keyboard.
I have noticed that the server takes about 60 seconds to start up.
Then it will take about 60 seconds to shut down too.

Feb 26 2010 Anchor

Hmm OK so i could run it for special events or something??

oh and how do i make a .bat file exactly :)

I'll be sure to try this out.

Wait i looked at your the bat part. How do i add multiple maps to the server, and how do i name it??

oh and where do I save/install it.

Lol sorry for so many questions :)

Feb 26 2010 Anchor

I'm not sure how to add mutliple maps, but you can always shutdown the server and then click the next short-cut for a new map.
In Unreal the WAR mode will just load the next map, or player can vote.
I'm not sure if voting works in The Haunted.

tip: use notepad to create the .bat file and then save it in the Unreal system folder. Then you can make a shortcut of it and put it on your desktop. Now you can just double-click the shortcut and everything will start into The Haunted dedicated server and run.

I did have a problem with IP address on my laptop. Since I use a command in the .bat file that will set the IP address, it won't work if your computer is NOT set with the same IP address as each .bat file. I left out that code in my tutorial.

So let me know if you CANT connect and we'll see if you need the IP address code.

Feb 26 2010 Anchor

ok i will try this stuff later.

haunted does have voting.

Hmm...maybe by pasting the same thing for the bat in the same file for each map would work...

Mar 1 2010 Anchor

I'm installing UT3 on my media center IWill PC for my new dedicated server. It will function the same way since it has integrated graphics.
I'll let you know if I have any problems.
This system has:
-Pentium 4 2.8Ghz Processor
-1 Gig Kingston DDR 400 (PC 3200) Memory
-Intel Integrated graphics
-160 Gig Hard Drive 2.5"
-100 Mbps LAN

And I am not using a mouse, keyboard or monitor. Instead I will be logging into it with my Linux using VNC remote desktop to run each dedicated server game.

Mar 1 2010 Anchor

Well my desktop is a rig.

my bro hooked me up with a new comp from his own money at Christmas, not much compared to his rig, but I got a pretty awesome nividia mother board, a pretty good graphics card, can't remember it's specs, about 300 gig of memory, so on and so forth. It's pretty sweet ;)

Mar 1 2010 Anchor

which one are you going to use for The Haunted dedicated server?

Mar 1 2010 Anchor

my desktop i guess, I only have 1 computer

Mar 1 2010 Anchor

oh, I thought you were going to do a LAN party and needed a dedicated server to run on an older computer....
If this new computer will run UT3, then it will run The Haunted.
You can host your own game with The Haunted but it may lag your frame rate due to running a listen server while playing the game.
This is why I use a dedicated server, so my framerates won't suffer and an extra computer will handle the server computing.

If you plan on doing a LAN with some friends are you going to use your computer for the server or play The Haunted on it?

Mar 2 2010 Anchor

I don't dad may have an old laptop I could use.

Mar 2 2010 Anchor

that may do it!
you'll have to try installing the game and using one test .bat file.
Its a pretty hefty server and may run slow on an old laptop.
If its at least an Intel Pentium 4 with a 2Ghz speed and 512 MB Memory, then it should work.
Anything older than that... I have my doubts.

Mar 2 2010 Anchor

I think I'll try it on my desktop when i find some time.

Aug 6 2010 Anchor

I still use it on my "media center" and it works great. I can run all of your maps with out any lag. Except the clients lagging a bit.

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