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"I woke up in a strange room. It felt like I recognised it somehow. And the feeling that every little shadow was crawling closer to me was something i couldn't shake." When you don't know where you are, who took you there, and why you are there, what do you trust? Your memory of the room? Your feeling of someone watching you? Or the strange note from something more than human... The Game brings forth everyones nightmare - the unknown. DOWNLOAD "The Game" HERE PLEASE! STILL QUICK, FREE, AND EASY! IT WOULD MEAN ALOT, THANKS. Download link: The staff in Frunken Productions is: Wapez; Scripter, Map Designer, Storyline Maker. Zatchie; Pro Map designer, and a huge help in coming up with the storyline. He really keeps everyones mood up too! Juras; Illustrator. He is really awesome! Remember to turn off the lights and wear headphones! So now, let's play... "The Game".

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this is not well made anyone can make this under 30minutes.
this is the worst i have ever played. sorry.


I just played your mod, and I'll say my thoughts below:

The main thing you need to improve on is your mapping, and lighting. The lighting is very unnatural in many places with there being huge lights on the ceiling, but complete darkness on the ground. Also, there are quite a few mapping issues too.

Another thing I'd like to note is that try not to make notes speak to the player. If you have to, put something like "If you find this...", otherwise it feels weird.

As for the plot itself, I didn't rally get pulled in there. The plot is nothing special really. I wouldn't even call it a plot. I'd mostly call it "standard issued" motivation, and that's it.

The levels themselves had a decent amount of detail at least, so I'd say good job on that part.

All in all, I'd say your mod isn't horrible, but definitely needs a lot of refining.

I didn't particularly think that anything really stand out in this custom story,the story was somewhat there, but it didn't really feel like a story at all.
The level design was alright, it was above average, this is due to it being original,for me rather than practical.
Scripts were somewhat predictable and I wasn't scared after the first section just very cautious and didn't want to deal with anything.
This didn't really want to make me keep playing, if there was a chapter 2 that came out.
I thought this story was OK but kind of not really that amazing.

That's it for me.


This mod has absolutely no story at all, except for some progression notes that do nothing but break even the slightest feeling of immersiveness. The pathetic excuse for a story and the linear gameplay (room 1 :key+note.... room 2:key+note ... and so on and so forth) made me delete every single trace of this mod.

The biggest moment of disgust took place in the kitchen at the point when the monster, that comes after you climb the huge staircase, bugged out bumping into walls and staring at me. It slowly destroyed every feeling of panic or fear or uneasiness, feelings that SHOULD always exist in order to immerse yourself into the world of Amnesia.

It's a great and fantastic custom story!!!!

The story itself isn't that great, and searching constantly for keys gets boring after a while. But overall this was a good custom story.


This is not the best custom story in the world but hey, I guess you did an okay job, there were quite a few mistakes (I only know that from watching Markiplier's playthrough of this (a youtuber with 1, 000, 000 subscribers)) But that don't mean that this custom story was bad. There was a story, there is a fair amount of props and yeah. Well done.

7/10 Good

I really liked this cs, you'll see why down below :3

I gave this cs an 8 because of 5 things I focus on, 1. Quality, 2. Story, 3. Length, 4. Scares and 5. Lag

The quality was perfect, just as I hoped. The storyline was really cool and a lot of fun. The length dragged it down a little but it was suiting length for me, I made a let's play of it and it was 2 episodes, 3 episodes is just enough for a cs to me ;) There was a very good scare in episode 1, I was hiding and that was a big 8 for me. There was absolutely no lag so the lag would be set for a 10

Quality: 9, Story: 8, Length: 8, Scares: BIG 8, and Lag: 10 - So in overall it could be a 9 if it was just a little longer ;)




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I pretty much was crapping myself the entire time I played this. The game didn't even have jumpscares flinging itself at you like most maps - this entire map is about making you horrified that any minute you're going to be stalked by this creature playing a horrific game.

Well done.

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