This is my mod The final stand, it carries on the storyline after YR both there is about a 15 year gap. To fill you in in what happened in those 15 years, in prison Yuri Died in prison when he tried to escape but was shot in the back, the Allies with the Chronosphere technology developed it into a means of space travel but an accident caused a worm hole opened up, the Russians , thinking it was one of those Chrono vortexes (from RA1) tried to close it by firing nukes at it which seemed to work. A few weeks after the worm hole had "closed up" it re opened and a strange race of Cyborgs came out, bent on destroying the human race, but first they travelled back in time and broke Yuri out of prison so he could help them, and this is where the mod starts off, I will be adding 2 countries to the Allies, 3 to the Soviets and 1 "country" to Yuri and the Cyborgs as a fourth side

Mod Deleted
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