The Human Revolution mod adds five new races to Distant Worlds and edits one. The standard human race is edited to reflect the background story of this mod, and five more interesting races are also added. This was done because I personally found the human race in DW quite plain and boring. It did not provide for good gameplay, in my opinion, and as an AI adversary seldom proposed any resistance either. That is about to change - the Humans have got company.

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Apr 28th, 2013
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An update with specific character names for all factions in Human Revolution.

This update includes all the material from 1.1., so you only need this one. Just unzip and paste it into your Human Revolution folder in the Customization folder. Overwrite where asked. This needs the Human Revolution 1.0 download of course. Have fun!

Many thanks to Mugais for all work on the ship names and characters! In the Shadows update, I'll have fproper portraits for them too!

CHANGELOGVersion 0.1 Feb 2013 Initial ReleaseVersion 1.0 Feb 2013- AI: Made the Eva a tiny bit more reluctant to go to war.- AI: Reduced Eva willingness to colonize a bit.- AI: Made the Eva and Ackdarians mutually dislike each other.- Tweak: Renamed human troops for all factions. All troops are now "divisions". Cyborg - Mechanized Division, Merch - Mercenary Division, Eva - Valkyrie Division and regular human Armoured Division. The new factions have Storm Divisions for the Fasce and Defense Divisions for Grun.- Tweak: Lowered Merch troop quality just a bit. They still have great land troops; don't let them get ashore.- Tweak: Made Hive Mind the special government type for the Cyborgs, as should be.- Tweak: Gave the Merchs another preferred flagshape.- Tweak: Added some system and star names with connections to human history.- Tweak: Removed Corporate Nationalism as special government for the regular humans. They should have Republic or Democracy.- Content: Added the Fasce race, a Fascist Police State type race.- Content: Added the Grun race, an environmentalist, diplomatic and really hippie type race.- Content: Added the Human Galactic Newsnet as an optional add-on to this mod.Version 1.1 March 2013- Tweak: The Fasce can now build 20% larger military ships than others, and the same size civilian ships as others.- Tweak: Turned up the Fasce willingness to go colonize a bit.- Content: Mugais updated all the ship class names in the mod. All ursidian, insectoid, reptilian, rodent and amphibian races have one design name base for their race types. All humanoid races (including new human "subraces") have unique design names. Except cyborgs - they have same base with mechanoids. I merged his work with Human Revolution and all thanks goes to Mugais for his work.Version 1.2 April 2013- Content: Mugais created specific characters for all factions.

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Human Revolution 1.2 Update
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