You are Jonathan and you woke up in a foreign mansion. Whou brought you here? What happened? Try to find out a way!

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Not bad. You have to carry on... :)

So it says "JUST A FREAKING TEST" at the end. For a test it was pretty freaking good. I do think you might have over did the jump scares but overall I really enjoyed playing this custom story. Thank you for taking the time to make it. Now on to Part 2.


Really enjoyed this one, I had a lot of fun solving those puzzles and the atmosphere was amazing. I didn't pay much attention to the story but it was a lot of fun. 10/10

PewDiePie are play this cs thats why i rate 10 :p


Nice work. I did think you used the jumpscares too much. And there was some open space every now and then. The story itself wasn't hard or boring and it was short. There were no puzzles, but some keys were well hidden and took me a bit to find.
The most nerve wracking part was being chased by the Brute after the Prison key. I can't stand the Brute in chase mode.

However, I liked it.

I especially loved part 2, it proves to me that your improving on your mapping, I just don't like the lack of music. (mainly in part 1)
And btw the history of the guillotine is correct but, the device model is actually called a "swinging pendulum blade" lol

Utter crap...went WAY overboard with the jumpscares...did not flinch one bit. Noob.

The level design I quite liked, it was kind of really predictable but non-the-less fun. It reminds of other longer mods I've played, the scares are few and they are jump scare kind so theres nothing ground breaking here. I would suggest this only if you've played all the other high ranking ones.

This is one of the best CS i have ever played,the jumpscares are very good and the story is good as well.I did not regreted playing your CS.

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