The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic modification add faction of Slovak Armed Forces to Battlefield 2

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*Pro*Vladkill1 says

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Now the old content is fixed and runs more better
But,the Carpathian Mountains kills my computer to 8 FPS
Reduce the amount of the trees please
Kits are updated,but there are few guns
Also the icons suck,but the content is promising

Keep on :)


Marek33 says

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Very good mod with new textures, weapons, animations and sound.
It has great AI, much better hit detection than Vanilla game but it have some problems. For example it needs more maps and more differently kits.
But it doesn’t have many bugs only few so I think it deserved 10/10.

(But there are many maps on net which you can add so it isn’t much a problem)


Noobkiller2 says

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Great fixes i had found in the 1.1 version
Some animations are fixed and there are added some maps

But i found some cons for it that need fixes in next map:

1)Gun Icons (Pretty annoying for some kits)
2)Carphatian Mountains (Huge FPS Drop when approaching to costruction site)
3)More kits (at least more kits because they are few)
4)Yunnan Terraces (The weather is storm,but the river is orange

In rest its good
Keep it up :)


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