the goal is to build missions of the OTHER students at the jedi academy. so far 3 students missions have been thought of and 2 are in construction 1 is in alpha mode. to do yet for rebel outpost: make rebel captian and commander(simple gold and red reskins) add cutsnenes instead of target_print finish outdoor scene (terrain) updated 8/14/2012 so far only in alpha. the more feedback i get the faster it goes BUT pleese no feedback that has already been posted mission 1 rebel base A Jedi from the Jedi academy has been sent to a small rebel outpost where strange things are happening.... mission 2 (Alpha uploaded) A Jedi has been sent to a newly discovered imperial base to find out what they are shipping in and out and then to destroy the base. storyline: 100% done map: 25% done this mission is on hold . Mission 3 (MP demo uploaded) Demo of 1/5 of the map has been uploaded Map will be an outpost on the same planet as T2_Wedge in JKJA storyline: 1/4 of the way done. map: 1/6 of the way

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Bespin outpost

Bespin outpost

Jan 9, 2013 Demo (1.16mb) 2 comments

This dual map is a damo of the full map that is going to be a SP campaign.

Imperial Warehouse: alpha

Imperial Warehouse: alpha

Aug 30, 2012 Demo (167.91mb) 2 comments

Alpha of: Imperial warehouse. Disc: A jedi from the jedi academy has been sent to investagate what the imperials are shipping in the factory. to play...

rebel outpostv1

rebel outpostv1

Aug 14, 2012 Demo (1.51mb) 1 comment

to play type in the console"map rebelbase" then "playermodel jedi" (hint the crates can be pushed)

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