This custom story uses amnesia to create a game of Tetris - an amusing alternative to horrifying yourself.

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Well, it definitely shouldn't be in the "horror" theme. Very good work to the creator(s) of this.

I rolled on the floor laughing

It was simple, yet creative and fun. Not much else to say, it's Tetris. A creation inspired by this is the Snake mod, found here: . Please note that I am not the creator of the Snake mod and I did not upload it.

Best Mod! It's my #1 favorite Mod!

is a good mini-game it look a bit like the original game. The music is fantastic!


nice work man :)

BEST MOD EVER tetris is my favorite arcade game EVER thanks for makin youre awesome


Definitely a great twist on Amnesia. =] Probably one of the VERY VERY few I will actually replay. My only wish would be to have someone remake the Tetris theme with more of a horror theme to it to fit the style. Other than that, I love it!

Can't wait for Katamari!

lol Tetris


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