1. WHAT IS "Terrorist Terror Total Conversion" ?

TT is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3d Atomic edition.
It is the story of Steve Forest a secret agent an the way home
from a top secret mission. Suddenly on the journey home his
plane is hijacked and he, along with others is taken hostage.
You play as Steve Forest as you hunt down the terrorists across
the globe.
Terrorist TC features:
* Duke Nukem is replaced by a new hero, Steve Forest.
* Various outrageous new weapons such as Super pipebombs and
the Despatcher!
* New inventory items like cloaking device.
* Four new enemies
* Loads of cameo's, look out for lo-wang, dopefish and many more!
* New sounds and lots of new graphics tiles!
* A new episode (9 maps) for Single Player/Cooperative. Play unique
levels never released on the net.
* Loads of cool sprites, like snowmakers, that you can use in user
* Great running storyline.

STORY (To view the story correctly in notepad select Edit -> Word Wrap)
Steven Forest pushed a flight pillow behind his head and closed his tired eyes. It had been a long day and he was ready for some serious shut-eye, the fact that he had the files that would save the FBI and the CIA from collapse didn't cross his mind once. Letting out a sigh he put on his stereo head phones, as a kind of sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of flight v30-196, and dropped into a doze.
The plane almost floated over the clouds which were bathed in an orange glow from the setting sun, a few cabin lights visible on the fuselage of the jet.
The proof ( supposedly ) had been out for just under 3 weeks. It showed eyewitness photographs of the heads of the FBI and CIA making a deal with a notorious drug baron in a secret location in Africa. The evidence that Steve held would turn the whole court case around and prove the FBI and CIA's Innocence. But at the moment, for Steve, it all meant dick.
Waking because of nature's call, he lifted his weary bones and ambled his way to the restroom and checked the

"Damn, it's locked, I guess I can hold." He walked back to his seat and fell into it.
Suddenly the restroom door flew open and 6 men wearing masks burst out of a seemingly tiny toilet. They ran to the best tactical positions in the plane, two at the rear, two in the middle section and two in the pilot's cabin.
Steve silently opened his briefcase and drew out his LP-96 9mm pistol, the gun was straight from the german government for his help in riots there, 2017 that was. The side arm was porcelain ( undetectable in airport sensors ) , and good for long range point shooting. 'Just in case' he thought to himself.

He decided it would be best to leave the terrorists to their own devices, maybe they would take what they wanted and be caught at the airport. He pulled out a book from his suitcase, "Why I'm So Great" by Duke Nukem, 'jesus' he thought 'Does he love himself or what?'. James Bond, now he was a hero, okay he was only fiction but hey, he just has a slick way of getting things done.
Gunshots and screams broke his day-dream, 'What the hell is going on,' he almost shouted in his mind, 'What are they thinking, if a bullet punches through a wall we'll all be coughing up our lungs in no time'.
Steve leapt out into the aisle and began running the length of the plane when a terrorist stepped out from behind him and grasped his shoulder. He turned to meet the scarred face of a mediterranian man. " Put your hands behind your head, I have a knife." barked the irratable terrorist. "You aren't gonna shoot me." said Forest quickly glancing down at his belt, he couldn't let them know he had a gun, he might need it later. "Why the hell not."
"Because I'm bigger than you, asshole." Steve swung his fist around and landed a crushing blow on the guys head and kneed him in the gut. The man got up immediatly and took a fighting stance. "Come on dickless, make my day." Steve taunted the guy. "Your right, I won't kill you."
The terrorist grabbed the arm of an elderly woman.
"Oh f**k" Steve cursed as the man drew the woman up close and slit her neck.
Crimson blood gushed out of the severed arteries and stained the cheap carpet, the victim choking on her own blood gasped for air but finally gave in to death. Forest threw himself at the man and kicked the at his torso, he fell to the floor where Steve placed his foot on the guy's neck. Forest's size 12 boot sealed this man's fate.

More gunshots echoed from the front of the plane. "Hell, they must have shot the pilots, who's gonna fly the plane now?". The intercom crackled to life and a voice said calmly "There has been a change of flight plan, we are taking you to a secret base in central Africa, and seeing as how you are going to die, I will tell you why. We are going to conduct several radiation tests on normal healthy humans, to see what will happen when we launch our nuclear assault on the capital cities of the world. Thankyou and enjoy your flight."
Grabbing the knife from the fallen man, Steve assesed the situation. Meanwhile a terrorist had come down from the front of the plane when he saw his dead comrade. Bellowing with rage he turned to see a knife thrown at him and hit him square in the chest, groaning he fell to his knees and died. Using this man's gun Steve finished off the other four terrorists, quickly, safely.
Now standing in the pilots cabin, Forest watched on in horror. The two pilots were dead on the floor, pushed away from their seats, and a laptop computer was crudely attatched to the flight computer using a complex mesh of wires.

"Hey is anyone here a computer expert here?" Steve called and then stepped back in to the cabin. "Shit,
there's enough C4 explosives on this thing to blow a crater in the moon" Steve said to no one but himself. A small thin man stepped through the curtain and adressed Forest. "I'm the best hacker on this plane." "Well check this out then" "Holy shit," he cried. "Thats just what I said" put in Steve.
The hacker, Darren, explained that the passcode for the flight program was 200 characters long and if you got it wrong 3 times the C4 was detonated. There were billions of possible combinations. 'The terrorists must have had a copy of the code in case something went wrong,' Steve thought, 'yeah something like me!' Forest checked the pockets of each of the dead terrorists until he noticed a small bit of a piece of paper which had numbers and letters on it. Smiling to himself he pulled out the paper, suddenly his smile faded, the paper was blood stained so badly he couldn't make out the code. "Looks like we're stuck here" Steven told the hacker and showed him the code. No cellulars, no e-mail, no nothing. "Shit"...
When they arrived at the jungle fortress they were ushered into a small cell block and Steve had to share his cramped cell with two other men and one by one the hostages were taken out of their cells and escorted out of the room. None returned. Forest suddenly realised it was midnight and he was alone, checking his belt for the gun, a thought crossed his mind, Were the terrorists here for the files? Was that why he was the last one alive? "Who knows?" he said to himself and pulled out his gun, the terrorists had relied on airport metal detectors.

"Assholes" Steve said and shot the lock. They would be here in a couple of minutes. Earlier he had needed a reason to chase these bastards half-way around the globe and now he had one, self preservation, nope, vengance, yes.

Little did he know, he'd have to go more than half-way around the world to extinguish this TERRORIST TERROR.

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Terrorist Terror

Terrorist Terror

Full Version

TT is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3d Atomic edition. It is the story of Steve Forest a secret agent an the way home from a top secret mission. Suddenly...

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