I can only remember two things. The first is that my name is Edward, and the second is a thought that I cannot get out of my head. "Do not fear the darkness." It eats away at the back of my mind. Everything, everyone I ever knew is gone. My memories have completely blurred. Simply nothing remains. Do not fear the darkness... Flashes of people, places, things I once knew... it's all gone. Forty years, or so I estimate, of living just... gone. There's an empty potion bottle next to me. It reeks of chemicals, and there's a strange viscous, pink liquid stuck to the sides. What have I done... Do not fear the darkness! Download and play Tenebris Lake today! Features Include: Nearly 400 Megabytes of new content. Multiple new monsters. Striking, incredibly detailed environments. Voice acting Dark, terrifying moments guaranteed to bring back the feeling of first playing Amnesia. Thoroughly bug-tested and all text proofread. Nearly 900 hours of combined work.

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Scarier than the first time I played Amnesia!

Awesome mod

Awesome such good grphics and voice acting you tryed your best and your best is awesome!

Wow. Just wow. Tenebris Lake is by far the best custom story I have ever played. Great use of the new monsters, very scary, excellent level design and one heck of a brilliant story. I only wish it was longer! But really well done and I look forward for more custom story's from you guys in the future!

This is one of the best custom stories.

Very good mod!

Scary, good story, lavel design 10/10.



Gruntie says

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Good mod :)

+Fun little easter egg -> lol bowling
+Creepy atmosphere
+New music
+New creatures... the crawler scares me in the ending area
+Pretty map design

-story was ok... but there's better
-I wasn't too fond of the voice acting (wife)

I recommend everyone to give this a try :)

This is the scariest Amnesia mod, straight up. You will not sleep after playing this. The atmosphere rivals that of the original game and the scares are fantastic, not cheap at all. It also has 2 (or was it 3?) custom monsters, interesting and unique level desgin as well some creepy music and good sounds that add to the atmosphere. And yeah, they like to mess with you. All these things are what made this mod the ONLY one ive ever played (ive played a lot) to make me stop playing because of how scared I was, even the original game never made me do that. So why only a 8/10? Well because that's where the good ends:

- no substantial plot, and even the tiny morsels of information scattered throughout the game are not very unique at all. Yes it has 3 endings, but they are all bad

- bugs, lots of glitchyness, especially at a few parts, also some saving bugs

- no guidance with puzzles so I got stuck wandering around in the darkness for long periods of time with no idea what to do

It's a shame really, because if it weren't for those 3 things, this would easily be one of my top 5 mods, but as it stands I don't think it would even be in my top10. Even in horror games, the horror itself does not always make a game great and this is a perfect example of that. Still highly recommended, especially to those who think Amnesia can't scare them anymore.

Its a real a shame, this mod its so overated that i expected too much about this. The story is average, nothing interesting, just some rubbish that try to mimic the original amnesia story, but with the added dilema of not remembering if you have a family.
There is little to no back story, the flashback secuences are too much the same like the original campaing. No interesting notes at all,
the monsters are a bit dull..., they make little to no sound at all, so you will be bumping in front of them every time
The only real thing that i liked its that agrippa can be a flesh swallowing monster.
Also, please, somebody give the protagonist voice actor some coffe, speaks like a man thats gonna fell sleep in any moment. Please, put a little passion.
The are some good ideas here, but they feel to rushed to be good enough, if they try to wait a little and make them sprout, that would be a different story.
The best part of this mod, its that if you doesn't know anything about Amnesia Congif files, you can never play it.
Everybody out there, listen, there are better custom stories out there. Don't expect too much about this one.
Don't listen to anybody that says greater thing about anything, try for yourself, that what i learn with this mod
Its a 5 for the effort put in here, and for the good intro


Vader8888 says

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Awesome job! I absolutely love the new monsters! And the mapping... so elaborate! Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing more custom stories made by you! :)

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