I can only remember two things. The first is that my name is Edward, and the second is a thought that I cannot get out of my head. "Do not fear the darkness." It eats away at the back of my mind. Everything, everyone I ever knew is gone. My memories have completely blurred. Simply nothing remains. Do not fear the darkness... Flashes of people, places, things I once knew... it's all gone. Forty years, or so I estimate, of living just... gone. There's an empty potion bottle next to me. It reeks of chemicals, and there's a strange viscous, pink liquid stuck to the sides. What have I done... Do not fear the darkness! Download and play Tenebris Lake today! Features Include: Nearly 400 Megabytes of new content. Multiple new monsters. Striking, incredibly detailed environments. Voice acting Dark, terrifying moments guaranteed to bring back the feeling of first playing Amnesia. Thoroughly bug-tested and all text proofread. Nearly 900 hours of combined work.

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Scarier than the first time I played Amnesia!

Awesome mod

I must say, if I rated these mods only based on how scary they were this would be slam dunk 10/10. This is by far the scariest Amnesia mod I've ever played. Some of the scares were so well executed that I had to take a break after encountering them, and they're not cheap at all either. The excellent scripting and placement, combined with a thoroughly dark, creepy atmosphere made for some of the most terrifying and memorable moments I've ever experienced, and there were several of them. Also, with the exception of 1 water lurker, all monsters are custom and there's like 4 or 5 of them. The great thing is that they're used conservatively, and all encounters are very well done. I never even got a good look at a few of them, (not that I'm complaining).

This mod also has plenty of other new content including new textures, objects, a great soundtrack as well as modified ambiance and a new save mechanic (save points scattered throughout the levels). Level desgin was fantastic, and it worked well with the low-key soundtrack and ambiance to make for a top notch, immersive gameplay experience.

Now though, comes the reason that this isn't 10/10. Although I wanted nothing more to say that this is the best mod ever, as it certainly felt like it at some points, I just can't. Why? Well first of all, it has just about the most shallow plot I've ever seen in one of these mods. There is 1 note and 4 or 5 diaries total plus a few flashbacks in the 3 hour long game, and what is there, is probably the most generic, bare bones excuse for a story. It's pretty much an exact replica for the story from the original Amnesia, but without any of its depth or intrigue and terrible endings (you choose one of three endings but they're all bad). I know some people don't care about story if gameplay is good, but no one can deny that the plot is a total cop out, only there so that the game makes some form of sense. It also lacks mementos or directions, which led to me getting lost in the massive maps many times because they never told me what I'm supposed to be doing. Other things that I won't go into to much detail about but are still worth mentioning are the bugs (one of which made me lose my lantern permanently), using the same voice actor for multiple characters (and not the good one you hear in the flashbacks). The main voice actor is good, but has almost no emotion in his voice at all. And finally, they give way too much oil. I never turned my lantern off the entire time, and at one point, I still had a full tank, plus 7 large oil's and 4 normal oils.

Tenebris lake is a great mod in terms of gameplay, and it nails the horror elements, but it's very clear that's about the only thing the developers put any thought into, as many of the game's other element fall short. Still highly recommend though, if for no other reason than to experience all the great scares and new content. But if you're truly expecting, well rounded experience, you may be disappointed.

This is the scariest Amnesia mod, straight up. You will not sleep after playing this. The atmosphere rivals that of the original game and the scares are fantastic, not cheap at all. It also has 2 (or was it 3?) custom monsters, interesting and unique level desgin as well some creepy music and good sounds that add to the atmosphere. And yeah, they like to mess with you. All these things are what made this mod the ONLY one ive ever played (ive played a lot) to make me stop playing because of how scared I was, even the original game never made me do that. So why only a 8/10? Well because that's where the good ends:

- no substantial plot, and even the tiny morsels of information scattered throughout the game are not very unique at all. Yes it has 3 endings, but they are all bad

- bugs, lots of glitchyness, especially at a few parts, also some saving bugs

- no guidance with puzzles so I got stuck wandering around in the darkness for long periods of time with no idea what to do

It's a shame really, because if it weren't for those 3 things, this would easily be one of my top 5 mods, but as it stands I don't think it would even be in my top10. Even in horror games, the horror itself does not always make a game great and this is a perfect example of that. Still highly recommended, especially to those who think Amnesia can't scare them anymore.

Awesome such good grphics and voice acting you tryed your best and your best is awesome!

Wow. Just wow. Tenebris Lake is by far the best custom story I have ever played. Great use of the new monsters, very scary, excellent level design and one heck of a brilliant story. I only wish it was longer! But really well done and I look forward for more custom story's from you guys in the future!

This is one of the best custom stories.

i will give it a 5 since it's a good mod but i cant play it and the creators won't fix the problem


ErenKruger says

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Tenebris Lake is the first mod I played for Amnesia.
It's very well maded, but it has some negative things.

Story:a pretty good story, similiar to the orginal Amnesia, but with a very different contest, but anyways more originaly should make it more good
Music:probably this is the most good thing of the mod, thanks to an excellent use and chossing of tracks, making the experience incredible and scary.
Monsters:very good and scary as hell, very well textured and unique for Amnesia, the animations are pretty but I think better could be made.
Maps:very good honestly, I liked the maps, certain ones are very cool and with very efficient jumpscares.
Finals: I liked the fact that there are 3 finals, but they not look very a full ending.
Sounds: the ambient ones are very good, the monsters sounds are very scary, but I not liked to much the voice acting, it's not bad, but not that good.
Reccomended for who want a very scary experience, but not expect something to much original and execellent like some recent mods
I have to say a thing.
If this mod will have a remake with an more original story, remaded and more detailed maps with the realistic lighting effects that comed these days, a lot of new musics, remaded monsters with improved animations this can be really cool.
I played this mod with another monsters and they fit incredibly well, certains more than other monsters.


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Scarier than the first time I played Amnesia!

Dec 28 2012 by Servant_Grunt