The Talon race is the latest and possibly the last of the great races for TA. It is culmination of ten years of TA modding and the collective work of over two dozen modders. No idea is left unexplored. From teleporters, multiple unit air transports, unit upgrades, and psychic control towers to shields, vehicle traps, massive motherships, and map-wide radar jammers, Talon includes all that is possible on the TA engine.

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TA is in need of more race/ sides for TA: ESC to be enjoyed to full. Looking at SupCom, TA and Plantary:A it seems like no one can recreate the original as it is. So even when running Win 20 I believe this game wouldn't be forgotten, not mentioning the Linux support. Weeeeee (:

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Mar 11th, 2014

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