𝕋𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕕 ℙ𝕒𝕥𝕙𝕤 is a game featuring multiple eras to play in, from swords and bows to muskets and plated armors. With a progressive world and deep political system intertwined for each country and faction featured, featuring a revolutionary combat system with brand new systems for you to enjoy. Such as weather systems, large-scale conflicts, weapon breaking, divisions and formations with advanced AI systems whom are able to kick, punch, bash their way out of a battle, as well as feint and run away when things look grim, accompanied by situational music to really ramp up the adrenaline! The amount of features is too much to list right now, this perhaps will be updated with a more comprehensive feature list once the game modification is out.

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This has huge potential, but at its current state its far from finished and filled with game breaking bugs, and it even crashes, maybe a year or three from now it can become what it strives to be...

but unfortunately and more likely, like most similar projects, it will never be finished and abandoned.

- It launches
- The music on this

- Flat textures.
- Cluttered UI with mismatched font types and sizes.
- Frequent crashes when starting battles.
- No quest, notes or faction infomation screens.
- Map upside down and looks absolutely terrible.
- An army system that is never explained and makes absolutely no ******* sense.
- Terrible era selection screen with pictures ripped from wikipedia instead of actual characters in game.
- Quantity over quality, 109 factions with terrible textures and items.
- Religous system thats left completely unexplained.
- None of the "F1", "F2" command screens work.
- Bad performance (I can usually handle le aigle, anno domini and clash of kings with hundreds of units).
- Command system is absolutely useless and has pix elated UI textures


very confusing


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The mods fine. People need to learn that you can still use the regular commands.


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Completely amazing! How did this appear out of thin air. Keep up the good work!


Too much is not necessarily a good thing.

Great job with some factions, but others are really almost insultingly historically innacurate.

Quantity over quality by all means.

It's Confusing for new player, but if the mod author adds a more detailed beginners guide I will give this a 10 since I can't make trade routes


Amazing mod with alot of unique content, all it needs is some polishing of some features and maby make the worldmap look a little bit more liveley


I think just need half an hour to play and conclude everything but after 5 hours I still playing. So many new things in it and total war player can learn very fast.

Battle are very enormous 400vs400 in one screen especially when it comes to holy war (of course you need a good graphic card and RAM).
Defense and offensive quest when you join a faction.
Voting system that eliminate marshall function.
Choose strategy before each battle (chances depends on your int and strategy skill).
Enemy AI is very challenging.
Can establish trade route.
There are several types of exp like adv and battle exp. You can be a general and let your troops do everything for you (adv exp to make your troops stronger) or you can join your troops to slash your enemy (upgrade your character to make you stronger) it is your choice.
Honour is important to be a mercenary. Loose honour if failed any quest.
And other things.

Need to try everything to learn the concept.
You have 90 troops but when you do quest for farmer and caravan you just do it alone.
Defeat is not an option because you can loose 3/4 of your wealth.

Dev team need to make a video tutorial to explain everything.
Add more castle, towns and lords to make more battle lol.
Upgrade map texture to become more attractive like 16th century mod.
Add more merchant items to the trade post in every town so player can make a decision on selecting trade route.
Add more bandit spawn.
Let player troops to join in farmer and caravan quest.

This mod is the best for making new mount and blade concept.


I like the improved sieges, game has a few bugs and missing features but the groundwork is there for an excellent mod.

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The mods fine. People need to learn that you can still use the regular commands.

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