Synergy is a Half-Life 2 co-opertive multiplayer modification. We have evolved from multiple mods (DC Co-op 2, Dev Co-op and Tim-Coop) to offer you the greatest co-op experience. This modification strives to give Half-Life players a true Half-Life 2 cooperative experience. The mod features our own levels and the ability to play the Half-Life 2, Episode One and Episode Two campaigns co-operatively. In addition, you can add more content by installing third-party mods, such as ROCK 24 and MINERVA: Metastasis, then playing them in Synergy!

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A small update released that includes an updated map.

Posted by VOSK on Feb 8th, 2010

Hello everyone!
Life has been a bit hectic for all of us, with jobs, work, sleep deprivation, temporary insanity, but we would like to inform you that the project continues!
We're starting to change our focus again; we would like to create our own campaign now, as well as add in our own new ideas. Which basically means, you will eventually see new content for the mod. However, we still will be continually fixing issues with the vanilla campaigns like Half-Life 2.
To help with this new direction, we will be in need of additional developers, but more on that will come later.
There are some other issues, mainly gameplay ones, that the team is discussing as well; the healing and ammo-sharing system (or lack of), how players will respawn and general flow of the game. We are also discussing ideas to help server administrators set up servers more easily.
Archanor has completed some updates to his syn_TakeOver map - complete with new textures and an exciting helicopter battle.
User Posted Image User Posted Image
User Posted Image User Posted Image
For those of you level designers, feel free to make use of the new textures as well, especially if you'll be participating in our very first official map contest! Winner will be given FPS Points and the possibility for inclusion in our next update. See this page for details.

User Posted Image

We realize this is a small update, however we thank you all for your patience!

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Rikachu Feb 8 2010 says:

Your alive!

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egpheel Feb 8 2010 says:

I second that! Yeah! :D

I'm glad to hear synergy is still alive! :)

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NullSoldier Feb 8 2010 says:

Eh, new content with the HL2 campaign features hardly working.. Awesome.

No cinematic camera's for non-gordon/first players. Entirely broken citadel levels that require you to ride the "pods".

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Miroku08 Feb 8 2010 replied:

Meh. Obsidian Conflict is still better, too bad it is obscure.

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NullSoldier Feb 9 2010 replied:

I disagree because Obisidian Conflict suffers from worse problems. I love the down voting because I stated the truth. :) Sorry kids, some times the truth hurts. Regardless of the critique Synergy is still the best HL2 Coop experience and every once in awhile I do play through it which just reminds me every time of all of it's vanilla HL2 issues.

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Panzert Feb 9 2010 replied:

That's nothing but your opinion. Other people will say otherwise.

Either way i agree with the hl2 campaign being buggered. Synergy used to be so much more, now it's just hl2 co-op with a couple of custom maps.

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SolidFake Feb 9 2010 says:

I keep getting an error after the intro ends...

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SolidFake Feb 10 2010 replied:

forget it, it works now

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sauerfreak Feb 9 2010 says:

This mod's so great. Glad to see progress is being made!

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arlooo Feb 9 2010 says:

I have put far more hours into this mod then I would like to admit and I have played Synergy for many years. But even with its frequent server crashing bugs, its large selection of repetitive, easy,and painfully boring maps,Its extremely young median player age,and its many many bugs, there are amazing coop experiences to be had with this mod.

The most amazing multiplayer experiences Ive ever had have been in synergy. Not in cod,ut,css,bf2,tf2,l4d or any of the many many games I play, but in synergy. Maps like the trials series, or the original class-based syn_fireteam series took full advantage of synergys strength and allowed groups of friends to cooperate and accomplish tasks that require intelligence and patience no commercial game would ever dare ask of its players. I hope, as a long time synergy player, that the developers will work towards making more of these great complex and intelligent maps possible and move away from the repetitive, extremely easy or hard through repetition maps that currently make up 95 % of its selection.

Please, Make us think.

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Chrissstrahl Feb 11 2010 says:

Glad to hear that, getting disconnected from a crashed servers isn't so pleasant when it happens so frequently!!!

I had other issues earlier with Synergy crashing (just disappearing without error) when a new sound was played/loaded and looped for a second, which happened quite often, after changing the sound quality from High to Medium it is now stable (so far), so I'm not sure if that was a synergy issue at all.

All I hear of Synergy is that is was awesome and since a while it went wrong and started to have to many issues, as the team started to take off from the ground and took their own ideas above community requests.
How ever, I have not been there and I do not have a own opinion on this matter, but it would be interesting to hear what the Synergy team has to say about that common opinion that almost all players shared I have meet in Synergy.

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VOSK Author
VOSK Feb 14 2010 says:

I know, we do have many things to address, I'll say that much.

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Kavinsky Feb 14 2010 says:

o say the least a really annoying bug has been added with the recent update where that transport cart that takes you up to breens office in the citadel randomly lets everyone go and everyone falls to there death and ends the level causing a restart

without an admin noclping to the end of the transport levels there is no way to get to breens office

Since the v11 update you guys have:

Disabled player plug ins that allowed Xerocore and other servers the ability to play with 32 people

Put in an annoying bugged checkpoint system in the driving sections that if yout playing alone causes an infinite loop of the car killing you like on ep2_outland_08 if you die during the driving section after going through the ramped box car

That said checkpoint system also makes the game unstable and causes the server to crash very easily under stress or even a common or purposeful mission end like seeing the rocket blown up at the end of ep 2

with 32 back in the day it was actually more stable because we didnt have the buggy checkpoint system in the first place

You've lowered everyones health to 60 with no suit charge in the name of teamwork where even with just 100 health you get shreded verry quickly, we need 100 hp, and atleast 30 - 50 suit to survive

and forced upon us a 30 second spawn time if you die, that mixed with above has made the game VERY frustrating

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Kavinsky Feb 14 2010 says:

Outstanding game bugs:
Weapons that you should have along with you for the entire trip in single player during hl2 randomly disapear from your inventory aong with any suit charge you pick up

For example the 357 which you pick up in the canals disapeares during the start of the coast levels and only comes back when you reach nova prospect, along with the shotgun and crossbow.

for some reason you also loose the rpg during the first levels of nova prospect and have to pick up a new one during the 3 gunship fights.

and to surive we need more than only one clip in every gun, we need atleast 2 in each

The ravenholm suit bug is still there where your randomly let loose with no weapons and no suit like in the beging of the game during the 2nd level of ravenholm

the car spawn in the coast levels is bugged and even just playing with one person it cant land on its wheels, let alone when 10 people are waiting to get one, theres atleast two vids of this on youtube in action just type synergy co op car glitch

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Kavinsky Feb 14 2010 says:

Episode 1
The train
remove the - - -

The zombine when you first come across them have too much health
for that scene (the one thats supposed to be dead that alyx looks at isnt)

and the one thats supposed to blow the door/window open and die doesnt he walks off and the forcefield is still up trapping the players there
even though the windows gone

forcing an admin to noclip and kill that zombine before everyone else can continue

the citizens in the end mission also get glitched because they cant figure out who to follow and unless everyone is going as a full 10 person group to get them its nearly impossible to get them to the end easily and continute on to the next level, and when you do do that barney typically gets locked out and does not appear on the last level leaving c17

One last thing this isnt personal these are just the things I think that REALLY need to be fixed or adresseed it should be up to the server owner to set up how many players he wants and the spawn time
I would have put this on the synergy forums but I cant join theres something wrong with the register feature

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take-a-dump Feb 26 2010 says:


What do i do?

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VOSK Author
VOSK Feb 26 2010 replied:

Make sure Half-Life 2 is installed and run the it once before playing Synergy.

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