This mod adds custom items such as; compass, stance mod, ammocounter, team banners, team names ect. All the allied teams are the "SWAT-Team", Germans are the Criminals. This mod comes close to a total conversion but lacks some of the required elements. Items such as: custom weapons, custom player skins, and custom maps are a possibility for future release. I will gladly revise this mod when more modern weapons and player skins become available.

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I am recruiting for my COD2 SWAT Mod Team. All that are interested in joining please contact me.

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Recruitment begins for the COD2 SWAT Mod Team

Positions filled
Mod Team Coordinator- PlusIce

Positions available: (You may fill multiple job titles with my approval)
Weapon Modeler and Exporter: Must be able to edit weapon models, skin weapons, and animate the weapons. You may use models published on the internet, but you must follow their licenses and copyrights.Someone who can make their own models is a big plus but is not required. Alias Maya 6.0 is required to convert the models to Call Of Duty 2.
(Two openings)
Player Modeler and Exporter: Must be able to edit player models, skin the models and put them in cod2. You may use models published on the internet, but you must follow their licenses and copyrights. Alias Maya 6.0 is required to convert the models to Call of Duty 2.
(One opening)
Level Designer: Must be able to make custom maps for cod2.
(Two openings)
Texture Artist: Must be capable of reskinning player uniforms and making textures for maps.
(One opening)
Things that I want to add to this mod:
+Custom weapons.
+Custom swat and criminal player models.
or reskin the stock uniforms so they look more modern. (If the Player Modeler and Exporter title is not filled.
+Maps for this mod.
Here is a short weapon list which gives you a sense of what I want.
Possible swat weapons:
1. Remington 700
2. Benelli M4 Super 90 or Remington 870 or XM1014
3. G36
4. M4 reflex with handle grip
5. Mp5k Silenced with reflex sight
6. M16
7. UMP
Possible criminal weapons:
1. Sako TRG-22
2. Sawed off shotgun
3. Steyr Stg AUG
4. Ak101 with Reflex sight and handle grip
5. Skorpion vz. 61 silenced with reflex sight.
6. Sig 552
7. AK47 or AK74 or AKM or AKMS
8. MAC 10 or MAC 11 or UZI or Berretta BM 12
Possible grenades
1.M67 (SWAT-Team)
2.Fuse bomb (Criminals)
1. Sig 226 or Glock or Colt 45 silenced
2. Desert Eagle
As for maps I recommend that the mapper look at the cod1 swat mod maps. They cannot be ported to cod2 but there overall design should give the idea of what I want.
A few map ideas I have:
New York city
Shopping mall
Biotech building
Shooting range
I will form a group on moddb once the team fills up. PM me as your form of contact. Also email and or irc is fine with me. If anyone wants to talk to me via xfire, I will reinstall it.

Here is my first version of the cod2 swat mod:

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