Prepare to be Engaged in Full Single Player Realistic Combat! Mod is for Single Player only, it is Intended
To bring a "Total War" Aspect to single player Battlefield 2.

This Mod was made and Conceived by Me, sw33tsp0t
and you are fully allowed to customize and use it if you see fit.

AI Modder is Jonas Hendrikx

Custom Map support By Jones(tm).

**We are currently looking for skinners/modelers/coders to help improve the mod and make way for later releases.**

Mod Template Thanks go to the maker of BF2_Realism mod.
Custom Map Thanks to the makers of all the custom Single Player Maps included in the mod.

Here goes for the release notes.

**warning: there are known crash bugs, AH-1Z Littlebird as co-pilot, or trying to switch seats, the game CTD's. I am trying to resolve these issues ASAP
But the game is 100% stable besides this issue.**

Lowered Handheld Rocket Damage.
Made Handheld Rockets shoot a Tad Faster.
Increased all Land Tanks Hit Points, M1A1 Abrams the most, Type 98 Tank the Second best, and T90 Tank Last.
Removed C4 From Assault and Engineer Classes.
Made all Default BF2 Maps 64 Player Size with Enhanced AI spawning and Intelligence, Thanks to my Mods AI Programmer, Jonas Hendrickx

Reskinned 3rd Person "World" Skins for M4 and M16A2 to Be accurate to thier skin.
Added 1 Extra Magazine to the M82A1, Now there are 3 Clips Total.
Added Chinese Type 85 To China Engineer Class, to Kindof Even out the Double Weapon factor on US And MEC.
Reskinned the Type 85.
Edited the ammokits to have 2 boxes now instead of only 1.
Added Overdrive to All Vehicles, Small Buggys have more than Vodniks or Humvees, Which have more than Tanks or APC's This can be Acessed by Holding Shift.
Increased the power of 250lb Bombs and 500lb Bombs.
Increased the Damage of Tow Missles Since they Are such a Large Missile.
Optimized Tanks and Apc's for better tank battles.

v7.4 (BETA)
Changed Menu Background Movie and Menu Movie
Made a New Mod Icon
Added 4 Types of Game Modes, With Server Graphics And Dialogue ,
BF2 Easy Settings,No Spawn Times or Friendly Fire. BF2 Default Settings, The Battlefield 2 Vanilla Default. TWRM Default Settings, The Standard for TWRM. and TWRM Search and Destroy Settings, For the Hardcore. No Respawning, Full Friendly Fire in a Elimination Match. Download it to read the changes.

Added the RPG-7 to China and Mec Anti Tank Classes.
Added 64 Player Size Support for All Euro Force Maps.
Tweaked RPG7 not to be too powerful,
added skin to M249 SAW.
Lowered All helicopters hit points, before a blackhawk had more hitpoints than an abrams tank.
Increased Sprint times on car type vehicles by +1

Changed The Spread of the HK21 European Machineguns fire, to be more accurate.
Slightly Increased the Damage of m203/GP25/GP30 Grenades and Increased thier number by 2.
Changed the M4A1 To US Anti Tank class, and also M4A1 to US Medic Class.
Spruced up The M4A1 Skins.
Added G36C To EU Spec Ops.
Added SA80 (L96A1) To EU Assault.
Added MP5 to US Specops.
Added M24 to US Engineer.
Added BIZON to MEC Assault.
Doubled the Recon Boat's Overdrive time.
Reskinned and enhanced all soldiers skins.
Retextured the F18B.
Enhanced texture of the MP5A3.
Skinned the BIZON.
Spruced up the SCAR-L Skin.
Reskinned the M67 Frag Grenade.
Enhanced Skin for M24 Sniper.
Reskinned M1187 US Shotgun This now has a Metallic look.
Added scope Hud for AKs74u.
Faster Flag Captures, The time to Capture a point Was Doubled to be faster.
Soldiers AND Vehicles now stay 5 Minutes after being killed/destroyed, or untill respawned (vehicles only).
**Edit: I Took out this effect because it causes way too much lag/too demanding on the system for use.
Made M24 More accurate.
Increased the Medikits Heal Effectiveness. and Increased the amount of bags to 2.
Changed the physics of the soldiers, you can now shoot in the air and change stances faster.
Made bots shoot at ALL Vehicles now including soldiers, they are more effective at soldiers, but will now Shoot rockets at helocopters/naval units and have strengths in certain fields, pending on class.

New maps added,Very Good Maps with all custom content! Proffessional type work from map creator JONES.
Fixed map bug where the map wouldnt display during selection.
See Screenshots for Pictures ;).
Added new HUD For Player Points.

-Lowered AI Range of Shotgun Usage, before they were too Overpowered with shotgun class weapons.
-Increased AI CPU (How Smart) % by 50%. So now the bots will behave 50% More Skilled.
-New HUD Graphics for Iron Sights on all Weapons :).
-Increased amount of rockets a AT Soldier can hold by 1. So now there are 4 Rockets total.
-Blood Effects from Being shot Will Now show in 1st Person View.
-Added Zoom Factor to All stationary Machine Guns.
-Made the Light Stationary Weapons much more Accurate than before.

-I Seen how the M16M203 Rifle was only one color, green-camo, So ive changed this. The
Green Camoflauge will be used on china-woodland maps vs USA, while a new Skin (Called Blufor)(Derived from COD4)
Will be in play on all USMC vs MEC Desert Climate maps.
Also included the Bleed effects to Work properly, And deleted 8.0.1, Combining this fix with 8.3b

Added Co-Op Gamemode to TWR. Now you Will Be Able to Play Co-Op With all the Settings Such as Bot Ratio Etc, For Co-Op Gameplay.
Note: When you Run the AI Bot Changer it Over-Rides the Bot Skill and Bot Count Settings. On the New Game-Mode. Added Support for All Local Server-Ran Gamemodes.
Note: If you want to run a Co-Op Game-Mode, You can do so in any map version you want, this version of gameplay IS best for victory-type matches, because you can change the Bot-Ratio to whatever ratio you would Like. Making The Capture/Defend Part much Harder or Easier. Great for a Challenge.
Note, with this game mode (Co-Op) you MUST install the BF2 Default Server Settings file to be Able to Change The Values in the Options of the Game Mode. The Other Ones are for TWR Gameplay, Which still Can Be Used In these New Game Modes, Just not Without Bot Ratio/other Customizable Options. Best when used for Singleplayer Skirmishes.
The New Gamemodes that Are in the Mod are Located in Multiplayer Tab > Create Local . You can do Everything From Here, the Singleplayer Tab is for SP Skirmishes.
The Bot Changer over-rides Bot Skill/Bot Count, So when using that, do Not worry about what the Menu Options Say.

I Noticed this, it kind of sucks. I Cant write Proggies or do Much programming at all for that matter, which is why my Mods Stay Kind of 'Base' in thier setup. IF, you want to play with different Bot Ratio Settings, UN-CHECK The Serversettings.con READONLY Property in C:/Documents/Battlefield 2/Profiles/Default. This will allow you to Change the Bot-Ratio for Easier/More Difficult Battles.

***Important Note***: When doing Co-op Game-Mode, Do Not Ever have more than 94 Players, that Being Ut-Most Max. When you Make the Bot Ratio 100% in Co-Op Options, it Caps at 48 Bots. So you Put 100% Bot Ratio, Attacking Team Will have 48 Bots, Never More. This is Hard-coded in Battlefield 2.
So, Imagine if you had 80 Bots lets say, 100% Bot Ratio would yeild the Attacking Team 48 Bots, And Leave the Defending Team with 32 bots. IF You Put 96 Bots, it would be an Even Battle (48 vs 48).
This is Best Used in Singleplayer Skirmishes Via the Game-Mode Installers/Bot Changer.
Also, if you had 0% Bot ratio, That would leave The Defending Team with 48 Bots, and the Remaining Amount on the Attacking Team. (Note, Ive Tried this, sometimes it only leaves the player on the side, try using 10% to 25% to 50% Bot Ratio. This works.)

Note: Looking for a Programmer to help the Mod :D.

Enjoy, sorry for the Confusion.
Thanks for downloading my mod, thanks go to the creator of BF2 Realism Mod.
And thanks also go to creators of Single Player Custom Maps.
Mod AI Thanks go to My AI Modder Member Jonas Hendrickx
Thanks to the Talented Jones(tm) for Custom Map Support.
Mod is Single Player Or LAN only.

Main Install should point to your C:\ Program Files\ EA GAMES\ Battlefield 2\ Mods directory
You can use your Smoke Grenades and Flashbangs to Blind the Enemy.
A good point would be try not to die too much because you have to wait a good while before respawning, for more realistic effect.
Also, Mod will be pretty difficult, so I advise you turning Bot skill down on the Bot Changer, Mine is at 0.5 and its pretty balanced.

for Quick Restart on S&D Gamemode, Open Console while In-game (`) and type "admin.restartmap" to Have another go!

**For Users Who Still Don't Know How to Restore OR Change the User Profiles**, the Mod Includes 4 Types of User Profiles, One is Called BF2 Default Vanilla Settings. This is the File you Want to Restore Profile Settings. It is Included with the 8.0 Install Files. The Other Ones are Different Game Modes for Play.

Pretty much now you can just have an all night blast playing SP realistic bf2 warfare untill youve had enough! :D

-Cheers have fun!, -sw33tsp0t

**For anyone who Appreciates and Likes my Work, I Would Gladly Accept a Small Donation via Paypal, For Future and Current Modding Projects Support. Send it to via Paypal. Thank You!**

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0 comments by sw33tsp0t on Aug 7th, 2010

In the future I Really, Emphasize Really, Want to add Night time Ops with Nightvision of all Common BF2 Maps.
For a Much Richer Experience with TWRM.

A Personal Stat/Medals System as with BF2 Online would be really great too, as well As Xpack Compatibility,
I heard its not possible to Merge Vanilla BF2 with Xpack, But id really love too!

Enemy Commanders are Still W.I.P, But as far as your Own Team being the commander, the Troops Listen Well.

There are a few more minute things I would like to add, such as bots not being able to see through Foliage,
and Perhaps an Own personal BF2 Launcher that changes variables from /Map time/Game-Mode/Bot#/Bot Ratio/
Maplist, etc. the whole bit.

It would be great if I could get some more help and maybe finish TWRM to be as good as it can be.
But that will take some time, I'm very busy as of lately. If you have some Mod Skills as To some of the
Things stated above I would be VERY Grateful!

You can contact me at:
Xfire - sw33tsp0t
MSN - (user name/email addy)
AIM - FALLout102
Yahoo! - fallout102606

The ones I use the most are MSN and Xfire, thanks, hope you enjoy.


Hi, thank you for your interest In my Battlefield 2 Single Player Realism Mod. You can Download the Mod using the Links Below, Note: You will need all 4 Levels files AND The Core files for the Mod to Install Completely. My Apologiez for such a late response on getting the file hosted. I Finally have done it. There are some Release notes from 7.0 to 8.0 In the Mod Summary. Enjoy! ~Sw33tSp0t

Kickass Torrents 2011 Mod Full Build and Install: (Torrent of Full Mod)

Megaupload Temporary 2011 Full .Torrent Upload:

Older Links: (Obsolete) Client Core Files Installer (8.0) Levels Installer 1 of 4 (8.0) Levels Installer 2 of 4 (8.0) Levels Installer 3 of 4 (8.0) Levels Installer 4 of 4 (8.0)
Version 8.1 Patch,see Screenshots / Summary for Details.
Version 8.2 Patch, Patch after 8.1 Patch, see Screens/Summary For Details. Total War Realism Mod v8.4
Version 8.3+8.4 Patch, Covers Both. Patch after 8.2 .

Archives are now fully working.
**For anyone who Appreciates and Likes my Work, I Would Gladly Accept a Small Donation via Paypal, For Future and Current Modding Projects Support. Send it to via Paypal. Thank You!**

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Tactical Conquest Game Modes

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Battlefield 2 SP Total War Realism Mod 2011 Full

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BF2 Total War Realism Mod v8.3+8.4 Patch

BF2 Total War Realism Mod v8.3+8.4 Patch

Nov 16, 2010 Patch 5 comments

Hi, this is sw33tsp0t. I Am Releasing the New Version 8.4, Along with the 8.3b Mini-patch, So you Can Patch it up to Date Right after the 8.2 Major Release...

BF2SP TWRM 8.3b Mini-patch

BF2SP TWRM 8.3b Mini-patch

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Hey Guys, Just scanning my mods for things ive missed, and may come to be in the future. I Seen how the M16M203 Rifle was only one color, green-camo...

BF2SP Total War Realism Mod v7.8 Patch Update

BF2SP Total War Realism Mod v7.8 Patch Update

Feb 5, 2010 Patch 1 comment

After patching to 7.6, install 7.8 patch. There are many new additions and tweaks/changes included with this patch, the mod is nearing completion.

BF2SP Total War Realism Mod v7.2-7.6 Patch Update

BF2SP Total War Realism Mod v7.2-7.6 Patch Update

Feb 5, 2010 Patch 0 comments

This will patch 7.2 full install (Which you must get off of my filefront page, (filefront/sw33tsp0t), up to A later version, (7.2-7.6)

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 294)
Guest Aug 3 2014, 7:51pm says:

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Guest Jun 7 2014, 1:03am says:

hey dude i am making a realistic mod called tactical warfare it isnt in the moddb yet but i have already coded the kits and weapons. making it like a pr for those who cant run pr nicely. its like a pr but with bf2 graphics mind if we merge our mod? my name is Newata my moddb account is hacked

+2 votes     reply to comment
sw33tsp0t Creator
sw33tsp0t Jun 8 2014, 1:43am replied:

sure i dont mind at all, feel free to use my work and PM me if you need any info on it. thats why us modders make PDL public domain liscenses. PM me when you get the chance, wish you best of luck.!

+2 votes   reply to comment
sw33tsp0t Creator
sw33tsp0t May 26 2014, 11:26pm says:

urrgh, i knew this would happen, sorry die hard bf2 fans, i expected people to actually seed the mod, i lost source files a while back, but i have a new version running on my comp i LOVE to play, ill see if i cant free up some space and re upload a working link.. anyone got any hosting that can help me out with large files?

+1 vote   reply to comment
Andre317 Feb 3 2014, 7:54am says:

Hi sw33tsp0t, I would very much appreciate if you could seed the torrent link, as I have been at it for about a week or two and the download hasn't started. Thank you very much, this may be my last hope for a breath-taking mod.

+2 votes     reply to comment
theWolf_123 Oct 11 2013, 4:04am says:

hey can someone upload it again with zip file (not torrent)
seed it please!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Oct 11 2013, 4:00am says:

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polita123 Apr 17 2013, 2:02pm says:

Can I still play vanilla bf2 after installing this mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jul 18 2013, 1:48pm replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

sw33tsp0t Creator
sw33tsp0t May 2 2013, 7:56pm replied:

yes, just launch bf2 vanilla with the bot changer or bf2.exe, edit bot count, remove user profile edits with settings.exe's , and there u go!

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