Supreme Commander Two-Thousand Thirteen - Version 1.11 OUT NOW! A 'scale and gameplay modification' that changes more than just unit sizes. Basic units have been shrunk in size but now produce much faster. Projectiles shoot farther, and both units and projectiles move at more realistic speeds, so terrain and army composistion are more closely linked. View distances are also augmented. Keep it mind this is only a mod, do not expect it to be completely bug free or balanced. A full list of changes can be found in the 'Features' section.

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Nov 30th, 2012
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Supreme Commander 2's best "Scale Mod" is here with a new version. This one changes gameplay the most since the Mod's first release, so be sure to read the included changelog. Problems downloading from these mirrors? There is a link to our Steam Group on the front page, which has alternate download links.

Supreme Commander 2 0 1 3 Mod
Beta 3

A game modification for Supreme Commander 2

(Infinite War Battle Pack Downloadable Content Required)

Here is the changelog for just Beta 3, but check the Cumulative Changelog for all the changes made to Supreme Commander 2 0 1 3 Mod so far.

Beta 3
Removed starting engineers, added starting teleport effect (like SupCom1).
Tweaked all unit colour pallets:
-UEF now always has a dark-blue-steel colour as their main colour, and their chosen team colour is their logos and stripes
-Cybran now always has a dark-red-steel colour as their main colour, and their chosen team colour is their logos and stripes
-Aeon's chosen team colour translates into a luminescent version of itself for their main colour, and a khaki-green/grey as their logos and stripes
Swapped UEF Land Range Upgrade with Veterency and set it's RP value much higher.
Swapped Aeon Land Range Upgrade with radar range and set it's RP value much higher.
Various Tweaks to Research Menu Descriptions and routes.
Fixed/Added over 25 hotkeys (please let me know if I missed anymore).
Raised fighter/fighter-bomber air-to-air damage 25%.
Major jackhammer revisions:
-now costs 20 RP
-now costs 1250m/4750e
-reduced rate of fire from every 5 seconds to every 7.5 seconds
-reduced damage per shell from 375 to 300
-added delays and energy cost (2500) to both unpacking and repacking weapon
-slowed turret's turning speed to make it harder to hit and run (as gun must turn 180 degrees if deplyed while running, taking ~7 seconds)
-swapped hunker bonus to be more armored with gun put away
-can now target air (needs testing)
-base health to 10000 (hunker takes 60% of damage so its over 20k when not in firing mode)
Air gantries now need to have a unit researched to be able to build them again (land gantries still do not).
All sheilds have been rebalanced so that it is no longer to your advantage to have them go down. From a practical standpoint this usually meant boosting their regen while lowering their restart time. This has equated gameplay wise to them being harder to take down initially, but easier to destory the previously shielded unit because it has more time until it restarts.
All ground based AA now has a minimum firing arc, meaning they can not target units that are low to the horizon. *Known issue with this is that sometimes AA will stay locked on to something it can not target, and must be retargeted to a valid target*.
TML is now free and automatically added to Aeon factories.
AA and intel station are now free and automatically added to Cybran factories.Speed reducing mega armor from 80% speed reduction and 50% damage absorb to 50% speed reduction and 66% damage absorb.
Sacrafice Heal fixed on some buildings, all healing is now 1/4 of the bulding's HP get turned into HP for added to every surrounding unit.
Reduced rate of fire but increased damage on small ground based AA unit upgrades (harvog, uef mml and tank missles).
Reduced UEF Fortified Light Artillerty rate of fire 20% (wish associated DPS loss).Tweak some routes in some upgrade trees.
Tweaked build time and RP cost of all experimental units/gantries/long range artillery/overcharges to push back end game ~5 mins and make T2 more viable.
Added Quantum Artillery Overdrive *Known issue: will reset main weapon's fire time and screw up the firing clock until your next shot fires*.
Cicada health from 20k to 12.5k.
Fixed cybran PD not firing in some cases (expecially when overdriven).
Raised UEF land factory shields to be in line with other factions.
Reduced health of eagle eye bomber 1100 to 1000.
Added Cybran ACU brain buff bonus (does not stack with proto-brain gunship bonus).
Cybran ACU Powershunt Upgrade now produces power when it is not firing its main weapon, regardless of movement or TML/AA firing status.
Lowered mass cost of uef research convertor.
Subs will now surface upon birth.
Aeon Mass extractors now have healing nanite cloud, does not stack with factories when they are upgrades (need to add visual).
Aeon ACU now has quantum energy sponge upgrade.
Cybran mass extractors are now mini-'Recycler' units.
Fixed loyalists to now auto-heal/reclaim when put on partol or attack move (need to fix visual for healing).
Lowered Rogue Nanite's view distance.
Tweaked UEF ACU nuke's targeting to not shoot landed air units (needs testing for any other mis-firings).
Healing nanite clouds now affect all units except ACU and experimentals (before only healed basic mobile land).
Cybran ACU Knockback ability now adds 35% range, costs more RP/energy.
Aeon ACU range upgrade +2rp.
Added Chrome Health Upgrade to Aeon Air.
Added Secondary and Tertiary range rings to many units.
More projectile collision scale adjustments.
Added Emergency Beacon ability to Space Temple, instantly spawns 50 yenzoo tanks for 10000 energy.
Megalith can no longer shoot thru it's own body with it's side lasers, and now has a 30 degree blindspot with said lasers behind it.
Reduced Gunship health from 500 to 150 to account for the new ground based AA model.
Added 1 RP to cost of every faction's gunship, and 2 RP to the cost of every factions Basic Transport.
Recycler base cost from 500 to 330 (in game cost from 450 to 300 due to 10% cost reduction as prereqs).
Adjusted cost and efficiency of Aeon Land Tank Torpedoe Upgrade.
Increased build power of escape pod to make commander appear as though he is having a new body teleported back into battle by headquarters (acu takes ~4secs to build), however a scorch mark is produced that is viewable thru the fog of war as a counter to the new build power.
Added Cloaking ability to Shotjas - sometimes will not break targeting that already has them acquired, but will prevent further targeting.
Added 'Launch Artillery Shell Forward' ability to Aeon MML - will fire an Area Damage over Time artillery shell in the direction that the MML is facing ('custom' projectile; darkenoids bombs with artillery trail, scorch bomb effect on impact).
Added upgradable EMP ability to Cybran's Brackman mobile artillery.
Added Aeon ACU Capture Range upgrade - will match capture range to weapon range.
Fixed Cybran Frigate's depth charge projectiles to target properly, arc-fire and also have 'custom' look to it (sorry if the gun barrel models looks ugly doing it, looking for a modeller!).
Brackmen/Demolishers 8 mass 8 seconds to 9 mass 9 seconds, lowered rate of fire from 0.087 shots per seconds to 0.08 shots per second.
Raised turn speed and health of Shotja.
Lowerd turn speed and range of UEF Field Engineer.Aeon Loyalty Tank:
-Raised range 65 to 72 'officially' though thats 6-8 units more then actual, and the range ring is shrunk to be made accurate (I hope its accurate!)
-Raised health, and sheild health once equipped
-Fixed range ring
-Fixed push class
Doubled the amount of experience needed for your ACU to gain veterncy levels.

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ARCHIVED and OBSOLETE - Version Beta 3
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Guest Dec 15 2012 says:

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Guest Dec 15 2012 says:

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HoT_Ho11oW_PoiNT Author
HoT_Ho11oW_PoiNT Dec 17 2012 replied:

The occasional freeze has been known to happen, if you are just playing against AI there is a SupCom2 'debug mod' that would help to know what is wrong if you were running it while the game freezes.

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Guest Dec 25 2012 says:

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HoT_Ho11oW_PoiNT Author
HoT_Ho11oW_PoiNT Dec 26 2012 replied:

There is a file included in the download called 'installation instructions and changelog.txt', which has instructions on how to install the mod if you are not using the mod manager, it just involves backing up and re-naming a couple of files and then copying the mod's files into the proper directory on your hard drive.

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Guest Dec 26 2012 says:

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Guest Dec 28 2012 says:

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HoT_Ho11oW_PoiNT Author
HoT_Ho11oW_PoiNT Jan 2 2013 says:

Ya I am 90% sure the AI is the cause of the crashes since multiplayer games are quite stable (for supcom2 anyways, which is notoriously bad for networking). Unfortunately my CPU is a pentium 4, so playing AI games on my own is out of the question due to simulation speeds dropping too quickly (which does not happen so much versus human opponents due to the AI algorithm not running).

I will do whatever I can do track down crash bugs before official release of version 1.0.

It would be easier if you had more information for me such as if it happens more when facing a particular faction, or when you play as a certain faction, or a certain type of AI (Hard Land, or Cheating Air, etc), on which map, and what type of freeze (can you still zoom in and out but no orders are taken, or does the game litterally freeze and you cant interact with the game at all?)

Thanks for your patience!

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