Deep in the European countryside is an old, seemingly unexceptional 18th century house, sitting undisturbed for over a hundred years. A small team of researchers from a University attempted to explore the house and uncover its secrets. Search the estate to discover clues pertaining to their fate and the true nature of the house. Decide for yourself what really happened, if you can escape the madness.

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This is literally the best custom story ever made.


Playing this in 2016, so this cs is pretty old by now. Not very long (~1 hour) and not very challenging puzzles, but there's a nicely done story which is told to player via many notes found during the game. Gameplay was mainly key hunting. Monsters were a pain in the *** as they seemed to roam endlessly once met.

7/10 nothing too special, but it was probably one of the finest custom stories at the time of its release date.


gilas says

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no cons


StevenTasiopulos says

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It was really well done,it was so good that i got invested in the characters which is a really hard thing to do with Amnesia Custom Stories.

Were really effective and good overall.

I was immersed in this mansion and the atmosphere was really creepy.

|Level Design|:
It was ok with a lot of rooms or corridors being empty.

The overall sound/music production was really creepy.It was good.

|Scary Aspect|:
Omg it was scary.BUT in the second floor you threw 10 monster encounters at me with no explanation which i thought was really bad and took away how much scared i was with all the other monster encounters which had me ******* my pants as to how scary and well done they were.That's the only reason that i give this part a 6.

Yes that last chase was so well done.Really scary.

Didn't encounter any problems with it.Not much else to say really.

|Voice Acting|:
Didn't have any so i won't count this in the review.

It was over an hour long and the pacing of that hour was really nice.


I finished the game... but what was with this last desk door that required a tool, what was with the painting that required some sort of mechanic to open and at last the guest bedroom? Also why did every mannequin look at the clock?

Pretty confusing.. did I miss something? Overall really nice.

The ambiance inside the levels is really great. The monsters aren't as easy to run away from as usually in custom stories and the ending was just amazing. Also, it didn't just randomly start throwing shitloads of monsters at you, it was building up through the entire story. I really enjoyed it and i find this one of the most amazing stories i have played yet. even while there are some wall bugs making you able to fall through them, into rooms you aren't supposed to go yet.


Vader8888 says

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Such an unfriendly, spooky house! The footsteps, the banging on the walls, the blood-curdling screams... Just wow!

The 2nd floor though... It was... absolutely insane! The pitch-black atmosphere kept me on my toes all the time, whereas the brute encounters gave me goosebumps! And when it comes to the escape chase, it was truly remarkable (I also got lost, which only added fuel to the fire)!

I enjoyed the story line as well. I had no problem reading the notes over.

Beyond Awesome, with capital letters!


One of the best Amnesia CS I've ever played. Excellent story and atmosphere.


Muy bueno , pero un poco corto .. me gusta cuando te hacen pensar!

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