Hello There , The Advanced Units Mod is a huge AddonMod We just haven't replaced all ingame units and added a lot of new units, we also have change the gamefeeling a lot, so that now really epic battles can take place. New Units are: Galactic Empire: Superstardestroyer (SSD) Imperial Star Destroyer I (Imperator Class) Imperial Star Destroyer II (Imperator Class) Preator Vengeance (Jareks Ship - Jedi Knight) (own version) Bajonett Cruiser Victory Star Destroyer I Victory Star Destroyer II Venator Harrow Star Destroyer Dreadnaught Lancer Strike Cruiser Acclamator Eidolon Rocketcruiser Arc Hammer Tie Fighter Tie Interceptor Tie Avenger Tie Defender TIE Claw Gunboat Missleboat Carrack Cruiser Imperialer Eckort Carrier E-Web Troopers LAAT Rebellion: MC40 MC75 MC80 MC80b MC90 MC104 Corellian Corvette Corellian Gunboat Quasar Carrier Republik Stardestroyer Nebulon B Nebulon B2 Balrus Rocketcruiser Assaultfrigatte Dreadnaugt Dauntless Home One B-Wing Y-Wing A-Wing E-wing T-Wing Z95 V-Wing...

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now it is like a complete new game ^^

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