StarCraft Fusion is another complete (inofficial) Add-On for StarCraft: Brood War. This mod gives 10 brandnew units to the game as well as 4 additional races - by merging the known races together. The races undergo a "fusion". The basic idea about this mod is the Terran Command Center which can be infested by the Zerg Queens. This way you get the chance to train Infested Terrans in the original game. StarCraft Fusion picks this idea up - and adds a whole new race, addicted to the once single Infested Terrans; without replacing the original Terran race. Each race (including the already known races) will get new units and an additional campaign that lets you check out the new forces and makes you fight the new evil. This will finally be made up of 4 new races, 10 new units and 7 campaigns. The unit graphics will be taken from the www, the sources will be marked. This way, most excellent graphics will be combined with a (hopefully) great concept.

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EchoesOfTheFuture says
10 EchoesOfTheFuture

Aug 26th, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't

One of the best StarCraft BW mods I've played.

RyanW2413 says
10 RyanW2413

Feb 27th, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't
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It's a REALLY FUN mod, but i don't understand how you get computer allies. Like in one of the Terran levels. How do you?

PANdemoniumJP says
9 PANdemoniumJP

Jul 21st, 2012

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OverlordGaia says
10 OverlordGaia

Nov 16th, 2010

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franko13 says
10 franko13

Apr 2nd, 2010

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Trilby says
8 Trilby

Mar 19th, 2010

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.Clash says
10 .Clash

Feb 7th, 2010

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Nov 13th, 2009

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Templarfreak says
10 Templarfreak

Oct 11th, 2009

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