hi everybody and welcome to Earth at war. This mod this mod is based of a massive war between the intergalactic empire, the Earth alliance and the Black hole pirates. The music is already done right now and we're now doing the modelling and the coding, however, we still need a rigger and a skinner and an additional modeller or coder would be welcome too.

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Another episode of the full Earth at war story. The next episode will arrive later because it hasn't been written yet XD

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I woke up early in the morning. Justin and Sora were awake too. ‘Hey,
welcome back sleeping beauty.’ Justin said with a smirk on his face. ‘You too
goodmorning, do you know what time it is?’ I said while I was laughing. We were
in a good mood although we were about to die. ‘It’s about eight o’ clock. The
match starts at twelve o’ clock.’ Sora said. ‘Alright, then we have enough time
prepare ourselves.’ I said. ‘And do you still know how to fight with a
keyblade?’ Justin asked. ‘Yeah, off course. You’ll never forget how to handle such awesome
weapons.’ I said. Then we heard a sudden noise like something was landing. We
looked outside and we saw a space shuttle landing with the text ‘We aren’t from the Earth Alliance.
This ship doesn’t contain any infiltrators to raid your base.’ On it. ‘Very
subtle.’ Sora, Justin and I said together while we were doing a facepalm. ‘I wish the other keyblade
warriors are here.’ Justin said. ‘I sense that we might be able to track them
down when we arrive at the unknown sector.’ I said. ‘Why do you think that?
What’s so special about the unknown sector?’ Sora asked. ‘The entrance of the
Realm of Light is located there, remember? It’s the birth place of the
Keyblade.’ I said. ‘And from there we can track down the locations of all keyblades.’
Justin added. ‘Hey Justin, we know each other for a long time but I don’t know
your last name yet. So what is you full name if I may ask?’ I asked. ‘I don’t
think you’re ready to know that now. I’ll tell you once we get out of here.’
Justin said. ‘Sure, I can wait.’ I said.
‘Attention prisoners. Please move yourselves to the arena.’ The intercom sounded. ‘Are
you ready for the fight?’ Sora asked. ‘Yeah I hope so.’ I said. While we were
going to the arena we were being escorted by five Mandalorians. One of them was
one of our infiltrators wearing Mandalorian armour. When we entered the arena
the Mandalorian Chieftain was waiting for us. ‘Welcome keyblade warriors. Are
you ready to get owned?’ He asked. ‘We’ll see about that.’ I said while I
pulled out my keyblades. The Mandalorian chieftain also pulled out his sword.
It didn’t look like a sword though, it was a stick with a big knife on it. I
approached him and I attacked, he blocked the attack perfectly. I hit him
again, again and again. Again he blocked them perfectly. Then he hit me with
his sword. I managed to block his attack but it was a hard and powerful attack.
I started hitting him too. He blocked most attacks but some of my attacks
damaged his armour a bit. He looked quite angry now and he started to attack me
with his weapon. I tried to block it but he was too strong. ‘What’s the matter?
Am I too strong?’ He said. I parried his attack and said: ‘Never underestimate the strength of the
keyblade.’ I kicked him breaking his defence and
I hit him with the Oblivion, my dark keyblade,
Cutting of his left armour. ‘So be it.’ He said. And he attacked me with all
his power. I blocked the first and the second hit but the third one hit me.
When it hit me I felt a shockwave going through my entire body. ‘So you’re
using electrocuted weaponry to stun me, well you’re not the only one who uses
lightning based attacks.’ I said. I pointed the Oathkeeper, my Light keyblade
at him and said: ‘Thunder!’ A lightning bolt came out of my keyblade going
right through the armor of the Mandalorian chieftain pushing him backwards. He
made an insane scream and ran towards me. I hit him with the Oblivion and he fell
down. ‘No this is impossible! Mandalorians, attack! Don’t leave them alive!’ He
screamed. Then the gates in the walls of the arena opened and a platoon of
Mandalorians ran towards me. ‘Sora, Justin! Help me, I can’t take them by
myself.’ I said. We’re coming, what’s keeping the infiltrators so long?’ They
said. Then we heard a assault horn coming out if the audience, after that more
horns sounded.
‘Attack!’ ‘It’s the infiltrators! Now we can hold out a little bit longer. One of the infiltrators
ran towards us and said: ‘General Winthagen, Admiral Justin, Lieutenant Sora!
Go now, we have a transport waiting outside!’ ‘What about you?’ I asked. ‘We’ll
hold them back for you. Now, go!’ He said. So we ran towards the exit hitting
the Mandalorians who were in our way. ‘Attention!
The prisoners are escaping! Deploy the Candarous assault tanks and the Basilisk
war droids!’
‘They’re deploying heavy support units, we’d better get
going!’ Justin said. ‘Look, there’s the Transport!’ Sora said. So we ran to the
transport, but when we were almost there a Basilisk war droid landed in front
of us. ‘Going somewhere?’ The Mandalorian controlling it asked. ‘Yeah, we’re
getting of this icky planet.’ Justin said. ‘Leaving already? The party has just
began. However, I’ll keep you here.’ The Mandalorian said. ‘Get out of our
way.’ I calmly said. ‘Or we’ll make you move.’ Sora added. ‘Playing rude?
Alright then. So be it.’ The Mandalorian said. He pushed a button and two laser
canons came out of the Basilisk. ‘We don’t have time for you. Fire!’ I said and
a ball of fire came out of my keyblade hitting the Basilisk, however it didn’t
do any damage. The Mandalorian laughed. ‘Our vehicles are immune to fire.’ He
said. ‘Alright, in that case. Deep freeze!’
Sora said and a blue beam came out of his keyblade. It hit the Basilisk and it
suddenly froze. ‘And as a finishing touch, Obliviate!’
Justin said and the Mandalorian turned into ash. ‘Let’s get on board before
more Mandalorians arrive.’ I said. So we got in the ship. It was a small ship
with four small rooms: The passenger room with room for eight people, the left
and right turrets and the cockpit. ‘Let’s see. How can I get this thing off the
ground?’ I asked. ‘Maybe with the big red button in the centre of the
dashboard.’ Justin said. ‘But big red buttons mostly mean self destruct.’ I
said. ‘Why is the text ‘Take off’ on it then?’ Sora asked. ‘Ah lol, I didn’t see that.’ I said while I
was laughing. I pushed the button and the space shuttle took off. Then the
radar started to make alarm like sounds. ‘What’s that?’ Sora asked. ‘We’ve got
three Basilisk war droids behind us. Sora! Justin! Man the turrets, I’ll get us
out of here!’ I said. ‘They’re going to overtake us, watch out!’ Sora said. They
were now flying next to us firing their laser canons at us. Justin and Sora
were shooting at them with the turrets. The one of the Basilisks suddenly
catched on fire and fell down. ‘I’ve got one!’ Justin said. ‘We’re going out of
the atmosphere, they can’t follow us there. ‘I’m going into hyperspeed.’ I
said. A female computer voice said: ‘Jump to light speed in five, four, three, two, one, error! Gravity is too strong. Jump to lightspeed failed.’ ‘What? Why can’t we go to lightspeed?’ I asked
to myself.
‘This is Kedalbe-1. I forgot to tell you something. The Kedalbe-1 is a modified Kedalbe warship, the
Kedalbe-1 also has a gravity well generator.’
The intercom said. ‘A gravity well generator? What was that again?’ Justin asked using the intercom. ‘Well, it’s hard to explain. It
actually creates a strong gravity field preventing nearby ships from jumping to
lightspeed. They can also pull ships out of hyperspace into real space, the
space where we are now.’ I said. ‘And is there any way to take it out?’ Sora
asked. ‘We only have to destroy the generator. But the problem is that it’s
shielded.’ I said. ‘We could at least give it a try.’ Justin said. ‘Alright,
here goes nothing.’ I said and I turned the ship around. We were now flying
towards the Kedalbe-1.

‘What’s that? It seems they’re coming back for us.’ The Mandalorian controlling the
Kedalbe-1 said. ‘They’re falling right into our trap. Fire the mass driver canons!’ His assistant said.

We heard an explosion and our ship began to shake like it was falling apart. ‘What’s that?’
Justin said. ‘Mass drivers! If we don’t find a way to disable them we’re
doomed.’ Sora said. ‘I’m firing the laser canons!’ I said. I pressed a small
red button on the control panel of the shuttle and a volley of small red lasers
hit the Kedalbe-1. However it didn’t do any damage. The shields of the Kedalbe-1
absorbed the attack. ‘Its shields are too strong! I can’t damage it!’ I said.
‘What should we do now?’ Sora asked. ‘I think I have a plan. I hope there are
missiles on this ship.’ I said. I turned the ship around ready for a second run
on it. ‘Yes I think there are missiles on it.’ Justin said. ‘Good. Now lock-on
on the mass driver canon.’ I said.
‘Locked on, what are you going to do?’ Sora asked. ‘Fire the missiles on the canon on my count. Three. Two. One. Fire!’ I said. ‘Missiles away!’ Sora said.
Two concussion missiles came out of our shuttle and approached the Kedalbe-1 with great speed. When the missiles hit the kedalbe-1 we saw a big explosion. The entire ship catched on fire. ‘We got
him!’ Justin said happily. ‘I think we’ve triggered a chain reaction. It’s going
to explode! We’d better get out of here!’ I said. I turned our ship around and
the Kedalbe-1 explode. Then we saw two massive dreadnoughts coming out of
hyperspace. Dreadnoughts are massive vessels with a powerful set of weapons.
One dreadnought can easily take on a small fleet of capital ships. ‘Kandoshii-class star
dreadnoughts!’ Justin said. Kandoshii-class star dreadnoughts are the strongest ships in the entire armada of the Mandalorians. Its diameter is about one-thousand and three-hundred kilometres.
They kinda look like giant iron sharks. ‘I’m jumping to lightspeed!’ I said.

Our ship sped up, disfigured because it was going faster then light and then it
disappeared. ‘We made it!’ Sora said. ‘I can’t believe we survived that.
However, our next stop is the Unknown Sector. We’ll be there in two days.’ I
said. ‘That’s quite a long ride.’ Justin said. ‘Yeah. That’s because this ship
isn’t that fast. I hope we’ll get faster ships in the future. Hey Justin.
Before I forget it, you promised me something remember. So what’s your last
name?’ I asked. ‘I’m afraid I’m not ready to tell you that now. But I could off
course give you a hint. It starts with a ‘B’.’ Justin said. ‘Hmm.. Justin B. I
swear I’ve heard that before. Wait a second, are you.. are you Justin Bieber?’
I asked. Justin laughed. ‘No, off course not.’ He said. But he was blushing. ‘Okay. That’s good to know. And Sora, do you have a last name too?’ I asked. ‘I’m afraid I don’t. When I was a little boy I was found on the shore of the so-called ‘Destiny Islands’ and they called me Sora there.’ Sora said. ‘And you don’t remember anything that happened before you were found on the Destiny Islands?’ I asked. ‘No, I can’t remember a thing.’ Sora said. ‘That’s bad.’ I said with compassion in
my voice. Then we heard a bleep. ‘What is that noise?’ I asked. ‘I’m not sure
but I think it’s an incoming call.’ Justin said. ‘Alright, let’s answer it.
Maybe it’s one of the other keyblade warriors.’ Sora said exited. ‘Yeah. I hope
so. I wonder which keyblade warrior it’ll be.’ I said exited too. We answered
the call. However, it wasn’t one of the keyblade warriors; it was Michael. ‘Oh, it’s you.’
Sora said disappointed. ‘Don’t mind him, we were hoping to see one of the other
keyblade warriors. But why did you call us?’ I asked. ‘Well, I wanted to know
if you’re alright. How did the battle go?’ Michael asked. ‘Not that good, Megavin
managed to strike down the Mandalorian Chieftain but we aren’t sure if the
infiltrators survived.’ Justin said. ‘I’m very sorry to hear this. But I’m glad
you’re okay.’ Michael said a bit sad. ‘We’re now flying right to the Unknown sector. We shall be
there in a few hours.’ Sora said. ‘Good, can could you please let me know when
you arrive?’ Michael asked. ‘The Unknown sector lies in a massive nebulae cloud. I’m not sure if we
can communicate there.’ I said. ‘Ah okay, that doesn’t matter.’ Michael said. ‘Oh, and
before I forget; there’s also a planet in the Unknown sector called ‘Lehon’.
It’s an artic planet and there’s also a keyblade temple there. We can ask the
keyblade warriors if they want to join our militia.’ I said. ‘From there we can
also track down the other keyblade warriors; Dave and Sam.’ Justin said.
‘Alright, good luck with it then.’ Michael said.

Three hours later we arrived at the Unknown sector. There were four planets on the radar:
Lehon, which was a artic planet. There’s also a keyblade temple on that planet.
The second planet was Terminus. Terminus had a rich civilization, there were
shipyards, spaceports and casinos. For a smuggler the planet was like heaven.
The third planet was called ‘Lol’ which was a very unusual name for a planet.
The planet contains a massive extinct urban metropolis. Scars from a Heartless attack are visible from space. The fourth planet was called ‘Klasse Ephemora’. It was a neutral planet and I don’t know
anything about the environment there.

Our destination was Lehon.

When we entered the atmosphere of Lehon I saw that the terrain was a large frozen
forest. ‘Let’s land on that landing platform.’ Justin said. ‘Okay,
I’ll contact them with the intercom.’ I said. I turned on the intercom and
connected with the control tower of the spaceport. ‘Hello? This is Megavin from
planet Earth, do you copy?’ I asked. ‘Yes, can we help you?’ A man in the
control tower said. ‘Yeah, we’d like to land in your space port. Are there any
landing platforms free?’ I asked. ‘Okay. You may land on landing platform 1b.
‘The man in the control tower said. Two fighters approached us and escorted us
to the landing platform. They were about half the size of our ship. They looked
like an upside-down U with in the centre a cockpit and on the two edges there
were light blaster canons. They were also very manoeuvrable. We landed on the
landing platform and when we got out of our ship a man walked in our direction.
He wasn’t that big and he was wearing a suit. ‘Welcome to Lehon, what brings you here?’ He asked. He had a happy motivated voice. ‘We are here for several reasons. The most important
reason is that we have noticed fleet mobilisations in this sector and we have
been sent to check if there are enemy bases located here.’ I said. ‘Well I can
guarantee you that there aren’t any military bases from other races located
here.’ He said reassuring. ‘The second reason why we’re here is because we want
to discuss several things with the local emperor or king.’ Sora said. ‘Do you
know how we can get to his palace?’ Justin added. ‘But you can’t just walk in
and out the palace of the emperor! How can I be sure that you are to be
trusted? You might be assassin as well. If you can prove that you don’t want to
harm the emperor I might be capable of leading you to the palace.’ He said uncomfortably.
‘Well, we’re keyblade warriors. Keyblade warriors battle for peace. If we kill
or harm someone without a reason we will lose our keyblade.’ I said calmly.
‘Yes. I know that, we have a keyblade temple on this planet.’ He said relieved.
‘So were can we find the entrance of the palace?’ Sora asked. ‘It’s easy. Just
follow the signs and you’ll be there in no time.’ The boss of the spaceport said.

We left the spaceport with a borrowed vehicle. The environment of Lehon was beautiful; it
is a forest planet but due a major climatic shift temperatures decreased
drastically. Now flora is frozen. The natives live together in small urban
sprawls protected by heat generators. You could also see the keyblade temple in
the horizon. The architecture was extraordinary and beautiful at the same time.
The houses were big spheres and the vehicles were both aerial and ground
speeders. Speeders are the cars from the future. The don’t have wheels and
aren’t dependent on fuel. They float on the ground and can also go over water.
Some speeders can also fly around. In the centre of the city was a massive
building. ‘I think that building there is the palace.’ Sora said. ‘I hope they
don’t have the same rituals as the Mandalorians.’ I thought. ‘I think we’d
better walk to the palace. That gives them a better impression of us.’ Justin
said. I doubted. ‘Why?’ I asked him. ‘Well, good warriors travel by feet. If we
get there in this speeder they might think that we’re lazy.’ Justin explained.
‘Okay, but if it doesn’t help you owe me for a long walk.’ Sora said. ‘Trust
me. I know what I’m doing.’ Justin said while he was smiling. We parked our
speeder in a parking zone and we walked to the palace. The city was really
beautiful. It was quite busy in the streets and on the town squares were market
stalls were you could buy nearly everything. ‘This place looks very peaceful. I
don’t think that there are any conflicts on this planet.’ Sora said. ‘Yeah, it
looks very peaceful indeed. But there can be more going on than what meets the
eye.’ Justin said. ‘I don’t know. It’s to restful to be a military planet. But
it’s getting dark. I think we should move on.’ I said. We arrived at the
palace. There were two strong guards in front of the temple. They both had a
big blue keyblade. ‘What do you want?’ One of them asked roughly. ‘We would
like to see the emperor. We are keyblade warriors and we fight for freedom.’ I
said and we showed them our keyblades. ‘Okay, you may go in but keep it short;
the emperor doesn’t like visitors. Especially at this hour.’ The man said. They
opened the entrance and guided us to the emperor. The palace was very big from
the inside. There were paintings covering entire walls telling stories about the
history of the keyblade. There were also patrolling guards with keyblades. ‘I
think they are a bit obsessed by the keyblades here. ‘I said with a grin. ‘No,
are you sure?’ Justin said sarcastically. It was hard not to laugh out loud but
we only giggled a bit.

We entered the throne room. It was a very big hall and was at least five meters high. On the sealing were hanging keyblades as decoration. On the far end of the hall was a throne and on it sat the local Emperor. We walked to his throne and he smiled at us. ‘Can I help you sirs?’ He asked. ‘Yes my lord. We’d like to ask you for a favour.’ I said. ‘Alright, let’s hear it then.’ He said.
‘We are from planet Earth and we’re on a diplomatic mission to this sector. We
have detected several fleet movements in this sector. Is there a base located
on one of the planets here?’ I asked. He laughed. ‘No of course not. Many
factions don’t even know of our existence. I can assure you that there aren’t
any enemy bases here.’ He said reassuring. ‘We’d also like to ask you if you
would like to join our cause. We are keyblade warriors you see.’ Sora said.
‘Maybe. First I want to know how good you are on a battlefield. I think I’ll
let you battle on a simulation battlefield.’ The Emperor said. ‘Okay. Where’s
the entrance to the simulation battlefield and when should we be there?’ I
asked. I was a bit exited because I hadn’t fought on a battlefield for years.
‘Go to the keyblade temple and you will find it. It’s always open.’ The emperor
said mysteriously. ‘Do we require a special vehicle to get there? The temple
looks hard to reach.’ Sora said. The keyblade temple was located on a high
mountain with a ravine around it.’ There are special freighters that go to the
temple. You’ll need an entry pass. Here are your passes.’ The emperor said and
he handed over our ride passes. ‘Thank you very much your highness.’ I said
pleased. We left the temple with the entry passes and we went looking for a
place were we could board the freighters. Freighters are small unarmed ships.
They are usually about fifty meters long.
During the walk in the town a desperate man approached us and said: ‘Watch out! They’re coming, they’re coming!’ And then he ran away. ‘Okay, that was weird.’ I said confused. ‘Who
did he mean with ‘they’? Could it be the Heartless?’ Justin said. We stopped
walking and I felt a dark energy. I looked up and saw a black ship. It had the
shape of a torch. ‘An Alaxander assault craft!’ I said startled. It made a dark
sound and then a purple beam came out of the ship. It hit the palace and a
terrible explosion sounded. We were nearly blown back by the shockwave. ‘Run!
Quickly! We need to get to the temple!’ I screamed. Then we heard a loud alarm.
We looked up and saw fighters approaching the ship. However the ship fired its
plasma canons destroying the fighters. A ship landed in front of us. The door
opened and in the ship stood Dave greeting us. ‘Dave! What are you doing here?’
I said surprised. ‘There’s no time to talk! Get in the ship before the
Heartless catch us!’ He said. We got into the ship and Dave flew us to the
temple. We saw Heartless ships landing in front of the temple. ‘Deathguises!
I’m afraid we’ve got some fighting to do before we can get into the temple.’
Sora said a bit scared. ‘Try landing on that landing platform.’ I said. ‘Okay,
I’ll give it a try but I’ll first have to take down those guarding Heartless.’
Dave said nervous. He fired the pulse laser canons and defeated the Heartless.
He landed the ship and we came out of the ship running towards the temple.
There were four Heartless soldiers guarding the gate. Heartless soldiers are
the weakest of their kind. They’re orange robot looking creatures with in the
middle of their head a big green lamp which serves as an eye. On their own
they’re very vulnerable but in greater numbers they’re quite dangerous. They
only carry a light plasma riffle. ‘Hey! Those are Keyblade warriors!’ One of
them said and they began shooting at us. We could easily deflect their plasma
blasts but they had great power on impact. Justin deflected one of the blasts
right back to one of the Heartless and it died. ‘Nice one!’ I said. I attacked
two of the Heartless with my keyblades. ‘Hey Megavin, are these creatures
really robots?’ Justin asked. ‘Yes they are. They’re androids to be specific.’
I said. ‘Ah, alright. In that case, Water!’ Justin said and a blast of water
came out of his keyblade which disabled the last Heartless. ‘I’ll finish him.
Thunder!’ Sora said and a lightning bolt came out of his keyblade electrocuting
the Heartless. We ran inside the temple and encountered more Heartless. But
this time they were armed with a glowing sword. One of them attacked me but I
parried his attack and quickly striked back with my other keyblade. ‘Leave the
other Heartless! We need to get to the other keyblade warriors!’ I said to the
others. We ran towards the entrance of the main hall of the temple while Dave
stabbed a Heartless which was in his way. When we entered the hall I felt an
immense dark power. I looked towards the throne and I suddenly froze. In front
of the throne there stood a man in a dark cloak. An Organisation XIII warrior,
I knew. He made a soft mocking laugh and said: I’ve been expecting you.’ ‘Who
are you? And what are you doing here?’ I asked. I tried to hide my fear from
him but it looked like he noticed it. ‘I bet you know who I am. Just make a
guess.’ He said. ‘Ansem?’ Sora asked. ‘Ansem? Ha ha ha, my master killed him
years ago. My name is Xelvin!’ He said. ‘Who is your master?’ Justin said quite
angry. Xelvin ignored him and said: Megavin, I am your Nobody!’ He said with
his dark deep voice. ‘What?! How is that possible?’ I said confused. ‘During
the battle of Hollow Bastion you turned yourself into a Heartless to access the
realm of Darkness and fight Ansem, remember? And your courage and love for your
friends turned you back into a human. But, your nobody lived!’ Xelvin said.
‘He’s right. When you turn into a Heartless, a Nobody is created too.’ I said
hopeless. ‘There’s more. If anyone kills me, you’ll die too! Unless you’re the
one who kills me. But off course I won’t let that happen. Attack!’ Xelvin said
and a bunch of dark warriors with keyblades appeared. ‘There are too many.
We’ll never survive this battle!’ Sora said. ‘Our only chance is to run. While
running we can cast magic on them to slow them down.’ Justin said. We started
running but the minions of Xelvin were much faster than us because they can
warp around on the field. One of them appeared right in front of me and I
pulled out my keyblades. Luckily for me I could attack very fast because of my
two keyblades. I hit him a lot of times with my keyblades but he deflected my
attacks. He started fighting back and I tried to block his attacks but it was
very hard. Then I got an idea. These minions were made of pure darkness. I
stabbed him with the Oathkeeper and said: ‘Light!’ The minion disappeared in a
flash of light. ‘Cast light spells on them!’ I said to the others. But there
numbers increased rapidly and we got outnumbered. I was holding back two of
them myself but they were very strong. ‘We really need some help now! I can’t
hold them forever.’ I said nervously.

‘There are some! Come on, men!’ A number of other keyblade warriors came to help us. They
began shooting light bolts at the minions with their keyblades. After that they
ran towards the minions and attacked them. We helped them fighting the minions
but it wasn’t easy. I was now fighting three of them on my own and I became
quite scared now. One of them tried to stab me and everything happened in slow
motion. I dodged his attack, tackled him and shot a light bolt in his face. I
made a dodge roll to avoid getting hit by a darkness bolt and hit the second
minion who felt on the ground and died. After that I parried an attack from the
third minion with both my keyblades and kicked him. He fell down and I cast
another light bolt at him.

In the meantime the other minions were defeated too. ‘Wow, how did you do that? That
was totally awesome!’ One of the keyblade warriors said exited. ‘I’ve got no
idea. One of them tried to stab me and then everything turned slow motion.’ I
said amazed. ‘But it probably won’t take long before more Heartless arrive. Is
there any place to hide in this temple?’ Sora asked. ‘Well, there is a room
with a special lock. Heartless can’t enter it.’ One of the keyblade warriors
said. ‘I think we should stay there and make a plan to get out of here.’ Dave
said. ‘Okay, follow me.’ One of the keyblade warriors said. ‘Oh and by the way,
my name is Jake.’ Another keyblade warrior said. ‘And we’re Sean and Marvin.’
The other two keyblade warriors said. ‘Pleased to meet you. My name is Megavin
and these are Sora, Justin and Dave.’ I said. ‘Hello.’ Sora, Dave and Justin
said. ‘Wait, are you THE Megavin? The megavin who had the courage to declare
war on the Heartless and destroy the feared Hollow Bastion battle platform?’
Jake asked. ‘Yes that’s me.’ I said proudly. ‘Oh my God. I’m so exited now! Can
I get your autograph?’ Sean asked exited.’ Maybe later. We first have to get
out of here.’ I said. We followed Jake, Sean and Marvin to the safe room. On
our way we saw the damage done by the Heartless. The corridors were full with
debris and we heard shots around the entire temple.

We now arrived at a dead end. In the wall was a big door made of platinum. ‘Only the
power of light can open this door.’ Marvin said. ‘Just point your keyblade at
it and it’ll open.’ Jake added. I did what they said and a beam of light came
out of my keyblade going right through the lock. We heard a sound like
something opened. Then the door began to disappear. ‘Now then. Shall we?’ Sean
asked. We entered the room and the door reappeared. When I looked around in the
room I was completely amazed. There were keyblade artefacts in the room and in
the centre of the room was a console. ‘What’s that console there if I may ask?’
I asked curious. ‘That console is used to track down people who possess special
powers. The powers of the Keyblade.’ Marvin said. ‘So with this we can track
down the last keyblade master. His name is Sam.’ Sora said. ‘We could indeed do
that.’ Jake said and he activated the console. On the monitor there was a list
of names sorted by the amount of ‘Keyblade power’ they possess. But the warrior
with the strongest Keyblade power wasn’t Sam. ‘Let’s see, it says that Sam’s in
the World That Never Was. We can’t go there.’ Justin said. ‘Why not?’ Sean
asked. ‘Well, the Nobodies are against the Heartless but they’re also hostile
to Keyblade warriors. Except their own leaders, Organisation XIII’ Sora
explained. ‘But who’s that other warrior with great power?’ Dave asked. ‘Let’s
see, his name is Dustin. Never heard of him. He’s right now on Manaan.’ I said.
Manaan is a planet with a rich history. Manaan is an extraordinary planet. It
contains no landmasses and a massive ocean covers its surface. The local
natives called the ‘Selkath’ have made a hand build floating city: AHTO city. During
the days of the Old Republic and the Jedi civil war 14000 years ago AHTO city was attacked by the ancient Sith who destroyed the city. 3000 years later the Republic liberated the planet and
rebuilt the city. Manaan is now a neutral planet. ‘I don’t think this is possible. Sam’s the last of the Keyblade masters. There should be something wrong with the database.’ Sora said confused. ‘It might be true. There’s one thing I haven’t told you. The powers of the keyblade masters I told you were:
Water, Fire, Light, Dark and combined powers. But there’s also a sixth Keyblade
power namely: The power of lightning. He might be the sixth Keyblade master.’ I
explained. ‘So I suppose we’re going to Manaan then.’ Justin said. ‘Yes, but
first we’ll have to escape this place.’ I said. ‘Hey Megavin, we know all
secret passages and shortcuts in this temple. We can help you with getting
out.’ Jake proposed. ‘Sure, why not? Would you like coming along with us to Manaan?’
I asked. ‘I’m afraid we have to reject your offer. We see this place as our
house, you know. We aren’t going to give this place up without a fight.’ Sean
said. ‘Okay, I can understand that.’ I said. We left the room and walked down
the corridor. It was scarily quiet in the temple. Too quiet, I was afraid.
‘Something’s not right here.’ I said.

‘You’re right!’ A dark deep voice said. Xelvin appeared in front of us and pulled out
his keyblades. I saw he had the same keyblades as me. ‘Why should I let you go
while I can also kill you now and prevent another war?’ He said. I pulled out
my keyblades and attacked him. He easily blocked my attacks and laughed. ‘Is
that all?’ He asked. Justin and Sora also attacked but it didn’t help either.
‘So be it!’ Dave said angry and cast fire on Xelvin. It worked. There were
flames all around him and he couldn’t move. ‘You might’ve won this battle but
you won’t win this war!’ Xelvin screamed and he disappeared in a cloud of
darkness. ‘You know, that dude scares the crap out of me.’ Jake said. ‘Don’t
worry, he wants to take me so he’ll probably leave you alone.’ I said with a
smile. We walked through the long corridors towards a landing platform. It took
quite a long time but we managed to get to the landing platform and there was
an abandoned ship. ‘The Delta Wing! I haven’t seen her in ages!’ I said happily.
‘You know this ship?’ Marvin asked. ‘Off course I do! I built this ship myself
during the Heartless wars. It’s a heavily modified Delta-7b fighter. Delta-7b
fighters are small fast ships with rapid fire laser canons and a very strong
engine. My version has two additional missile launchers, a light beam canon and
a hyper engine allowing it to go from walk speed to light speed in seconds. We
said Jake, Sean and Marvin goodbye and got in the ship. We took of well on our
way to Manaan. But before we could jump to lightspeed we had to destroy the
Alaxander assault craft hovering above the planet. ‘Do you have any idea how
we’re going to destroy this thing?’ Dave asked. Well, that’s easy. If we fire
some missiles on the big blue sphere in the centre of the ship it’ll create a
big explosion. The blue sphere is the main power generator and when it’s
destroyed the ship also can’t do anything anymore.’ I explained. ‘Alright.
Let’s give it a try then.’ Dave said. We took off heading towards the Alaxander
assault craft. It fired his plasma canons at us. ‘Watch out! If those plasma
bombs hit us we’re dead! Sora said. I turned the wheel around and the ship
started spinning. That’s a technique to dodge enemy fire. ‘Man! I always forget
how big these things are!’ Justin said. We flew towards the centre of the ship where the power generator is. They were now sending their basic starfighters at us: The Shiva gunships. Shiva gunships are small fighters about two meters long, armed with two light plasma canons.
‘We’ve got two Shivas behind us!’ Dave said. ‘They can wait. First we’ll have
to take down that power generator!’ I said. I locked the missile launchers at
the power generator. I pressed the fire button and the missiles flew away.
’Missiles away!’ I said. The missiles hit the power generator resulting a
massive chemical blue explosion. I pulled up just it time otherwise we would’ve
been burned by the explosion. I fired the rapid fire laser canons and took down
the Shivas. One of them immediately exploded and the other one spinned away and
crashed on the crumbling ship. I activated the hyperdrive and we were on our
way to Manaan.


Doesn't look much like news to me.

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megavin123 Author

But the story IS about the mod

Reply Good karma+1 vote

but it is a great story

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It may be linked to the mod but its not exactly a news piece. Why didn't you use the unused forum you've got?? I'm sure that people will see and read it there if they want.

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megavin123 Author

But come on, you reported my mod because I'm posting a storyline?! Why not act your own age?!

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Reported your mod because of the storyline!!

You couldn't be more wrong if you wanted to be. I suggest you re-read the terms and conditions for using this website. Your not supposed to distribute music which might be a breach of copyright, or shall we go through your mods music content??

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So lets see you reported his mod because he put music that will be featured in his mod on this website... Just clearing it up You ******* scound

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Makes me wonder who your calling a *******, but if its me I'll ellaborate a bit further. If you include ANY kind of 3rd party music then you have to be sure it doesn't breach any kind of copyright infringement. In this case, I don't think its appropriate to include music by the likes of Michael Jackson and Rammstein and leave the filenames intact. Anybody who thinks they won't get in trouble for that needs to wake up. So we've all read the things that happen to people who download and redistribute music without paying any royalties for using it in such a fashion (fines, prison terms, internet disconnection - sounds just wonderful). So I'll reinterate. If that "*******" comment is pointed at me you really need to wake up and smell what you've been shovelling.

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megavin123 Author

I think it's a smart idea to do nothing with the file names. If I rename it to 'random song' in example they won't get any publicity from it

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