hi everybody and welcome to Earth at war. This mod this mod is based of a massive war between the intergalactic empire, the Earth alliance and the Black hole pirates. The music is already done right now and we're now doing the modelling and the coding, however, we still need a rigger and a skinner and an additional modeller or coder would be welcome too.

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Chapter 1 of the full Earth at war story. More will be posted soon.

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I never mentioned that I just woke up on
a very unusual day in the Netherlands.
I was very tired and when I turned on the TV there was a news break
on TV; the newsreporter said something quite shocking: ‘A Russian space ship with a hyperspace engine has found and colonised
a new planet called Coruscant. The whole world doesn’t accept this and our
entire civilisation is in great peril; The USA is mobilising their troops and
are preparing for war. The UN has summoned all world leaders for an emergency
meeting about this event. All we know about the meeting is that they have
declared war with Russia
and that they’ve formed the Earth alliance to take arms against the so called
Intergalactic Empire’.
Very soon after that I got called by a friend from Canada
whose name was Justin and he said ‘Melvin, we have a serious problem in here.
Get yourself on a plane to the US
so quickly as possible’. So I packed my stuff and I went to a small airport in Germany
called ‘Fluchhafen Weeze’ and took a plane to The US. When I arrived Justin was
waiting for me at the Airport. ‘Hey Justin, what’s going on here? I’ve seen the
news of course, but what if they encounter the Heartless? We won’t stand a
chance against them and if they capture Earth they’ll find us, two members of
the Keyblade warrior council’. However Justin wasn’t that scared of it, he even
had a whole plan ready. ‘Melvin, calm down. I know what to do.’ He said. ‘Okay, so what are you going to do then?’ ‘Well I’ve got some connections with some leaders of the Earth alliance, but they say they aren’t just recruiting everyone.’ ‘wait a second, you want to get us on the
Earth alliance?’ I asked. ‘Yes, that’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you. But
the problem is; how can we get there?’ He said. ‘Hmm.. so they don’t recruit
regular civilians right? So if we tell them we’re keyblade warriors and we
fought in many other battles they’ll maybe let us join them.’ I said.
Next day we
went to the headquarters of the Earth Alliance and we asked to join their army.
‘So, you want to join the Earth Alliance?’ The man in charge asked. ‘Yes,
that’s why we’re here,’ I said. ‘But you look like normal people to me, do you
have any experience?’ he asked. ‘Yes, the name Melvin Winthagen is a fake, my
real name is Megavin and this is my friend Justin. We’re both keyblade
warriors,’ I said. ‘A Keyblade warrior? What’s a Keyblade?’ He said. ‘A
keyblade is a very powerful sword in shape of a giant key, I own two keyblades:
The Oathkeeper and the Oblivion, Justins keyblade is called: The Starseeker.’ I said. ‘Hmm.. they don’t look very strong, do they have special powers?’ He asked. ‘Oh yes, they can be used for
casting magic spells; the Oathkeeper has Light powers and the Oblivion
has Dark powers. Justins keyblade has Water powers. They are also very powerful
in melee combat; due to the darkness sensor in it they can only damage
creatures from Darkness.’ I said. ‘Okay, okay, I’m convinced. Welcome on board, your ship; the mc80a will depart tomorrow. You will be taken to our remote base on the planet Gliese 581d, located in the
Gliese system. Further instructions will be give tomorrow, be sure that you’re prepared because it’ll
be quite a long ride,’ he said.

On the next day we finally went to the take off zone where our ship was waiting for
departure; it was quite big and kinda had the shape of a massive airplane, but
however, it was brown. Then we heard a voice behind us: ‘Hello gentlemen and
welcome to our space port. This is the mc80a, she will take you to our remote
base on the planet Gliese 581d. It’s a heavy modified cargoship, the passengers
will be in the centre which is unarmed; in the wings are several turbolaser and
ion canons for the perfect offence and defence.’ We turned around and we didn’t
believe what we saw: it was former US president Barrack Obama! ‘Obama, what are you doing in here? Are you also with the Earth Alliance?’ I asked. ‘Yes, actually I’m in charge of the Earth Alliance.’
He replied. ‘Okay, and are you also taking this ship?’ I asked.

‘Yes, the mc80a is a VIP ship.’ He said. ‘VIP? Why are we taking a VIP vessel? I mean
we’re just normal recruits, right?’ I asked. ‘Yes, but you’re more than that;
you are keyblade warriors, the finest swordsman in the entire universe.’ ‘He
said. ‘But I suggest getting on board before it departs without us. Are you
coming, Justin?’ I said. ‘Yes I’m coming’ He said.

Thirty minutes later we were on the ship and we heard a voice from the intercom:
‘Please fasten your seat belts, departure in: Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six,
Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Zero! Whooooesh! The ship began to fly and in we
where in space in no time. ‘It’s been a while since I last flew in space, are you
happy to go back to our own worlds again Justin?’ I asked. “Yes I sure am! I
wonder how things are going out there, maybe we’ll see the others soon. I
missed them very much.’ He said. ‘Yeah, I missed them too, wow look at that;
the stars are disfiguring, we’re entering hyperspace! Man this is so exiting!’
I said ‘I wonder if the Heartless are still there, hey Melvin, if we encounter
them, do you think we can hold our own against them? I mean we haven’t fought
with the keyblade for twenty-one years.’ Justin said. ‘I’m afraid I don’t know,
but maybe they have forget about us. However if they attack us now we’re doomed; the humans don’t have the right weapons to face them so we’ll have to make new weapons.’ I said. ‘Are you enjoying the ride gentlemen?’ A general approached us and started talking with us. ‘Oh yes, I really like this ship. But can I ask you something?’ I said. ‘Sure go ahead.’ He said. ‘Our main
target is the Intergalactic Empire, right?’ I asked. ‘Yes that’s right.’ He
said. ‘Well we might encounter another faction in the universe called the
Heartless, they are very powerful and have very strong weapons. If they declare
war on us we’re doomed, so I suggest avoiding them so long as possible.’ I
said. ‘But what if they declare war on us, can’t we really defend ourselves?’
He asked. ‘Well with the weapons we have now we can’t. We’ll have to design
special weapons to stand a chance against them.’ I said. ‘Well I’ve heard that
you’ll get your own armada in the Earth Alliance, and you can do what you want
with it.’ He said. ‘Including designing ships, weapons and vehicles?’ I asked.
‘Yes you can even have your own logo and uniforms.’ He said. ‘Wow that’s very
cool, I can’t wait to see them.’ I said.

It was a very long flight to Gliese 581d, but I knew to amuse myself. ‘Hey Justin, it
seems that we are passing the secret wormhole. There’s this rumour of it about
people seeing a ghost fleet entering and leaving it. Does that sound familiar
to you?’ I asked. ‘No, not really. Could it be the Heartless? What do you
think?’ He answered. ‘No that is impossible; the ghost ships passing through it are old out-dated ships, like Luckrehulks and Hammerheads. I think it’s just a merchant who found a wormhole to other galaxies.’ I said. ‘But how can he take all those ships with him? Merchants work on their own.
Maybe it’s a gate which leads to different eras.’ He said. ‘Attention! We are going to land on the planet, please fasten your seatbelts! Thank you for your co-orperation.’ ‘Finally, we are going to set
foot on the surface of a new planet, this is quite exiting.’ I said. ‘Come on
Melvin! What are you waiting for? Let’s get out of this ship and join the
others’ Justin said..


Tthis is really good. But i dont like how they colonized coroscaunt. They shouldve hyperspaced iin to thr colonized galaaxy that is at war between the empir" rebel and heartless.. then the russians join tehhe emipre. The rebels send for help and yeah...

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A decent storyline, but I'm still loathe to think this mod will do well due to the cross over between earth and star wars. I don't know about others but when you announced this project megavin I was expecting to see a well rounded project that would show more of a space race based in and around earth and its solar system. I still trying to give you the benefit of the doubt incase something radical happens but as time goes on theres so much potential that your losing. I pride myself on having a good imagination but this is beginning to stand on the side of ridiculous with the mods idea.

Now as I've said before don't take my comment to heart. This is my take on the situation and doesn't need to be listened to, but your still going to have alot of people who may play this perhaps once or twice and then leave it completely for other mods. Storylines aren't an essential part of modding but if the writing doesn't gell well then it can and will lead to various bad reviews.

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megavin123 Author

You are quite right, in the campaign mode you start on Earth, fist you need to battle in the solar system, after that the Earth alliance takes a shot at Gliese 581d the Star wars systems will come later. Another thing: This is copied from the book I'm writing and i'm posting more soon. The story is only getting started here. In following chapters you see Megavins rise to power and the war with the Heartless/Black hole pirates etc. etc. And thank you for the feedback Mapayne :)

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