The lines are drawn, around the galaxy, once peaceful planets are subjected to a hidden menace unlike any other. The menace of war. As the galaxy descends into turmoil heroes take a stand against evil while villians deviously pursue their own ambitions. Now, you must answer a question, which side do you stand in this conflict? You choice may bring freedom to the galaxy... Or it will haunt you forever. Prepare yourselves for the battle of your lives... Coming to a galaxy near you. Welcome to the Tides of War mod page! This mod will attempt to recreate the epic battles from the movies that we have known and loved as well as creating a new fighting experience. This mod features: Improved visuals, vastly improved AI, AI Hero Support, class customization and more. Thanks to everyone of this great community for your support and suggestions, we really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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T1-B Hovertank
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nooo! are you going to remake the t4-b?
rebels needs a vehicle to match the AT-AT
also could u make a higher poly AT-AT and AT-ST?
i've seen custom models with better quality than those walkers and no one has ever done something to give em more detail like doors and windows and not those actual blocky models from pandemic

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willinator5 Author

Don't worry about there not being a vehicle to take down AT-ATs, on maps with the AT-AT, the Rebels will be supplied with plenty take it down, similar to the AT-TE on stock Geonosis.

Now, on remodelling the AT-AT and AT-ST, we won't be remodelling them for the same reason no other mods have: it's to much trouble for what it's worth.

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Tip: Turn on "Headlight" and "Wireframe On Shaded" - they're located in the same menu in which you select the viewing mode, e.g., Wireframe. Looking brilliant regardless!

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To prevent the loss of work from happening again perhaps when a file is finished share with another mod team member for storage and vice versa, it will kill a lot of space on the hard drive but if one computer goes down or a files is lost you won't have to remake it.

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Sadly, a great tragedy has struck the SOS Modding team: Our valued modeller Unlucky13's modding files have been lost forever, the T4-B along with it, and has had to retire from the project. However, fear not! The alliance and other factions will still have custom vehicles, the T4-B just won't be there. To fill its role though, I have begun working on the T1-B Hovertank, with it's Flak pod, turret, and shield generator.
*Note that this model is NOT textured yet!

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