A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... This is how the most famous space opera begins. With this mod we want to bring the Star Wars universe to the upcoming CryEngine 3. You will be able to play the whole saga from the movies when this is finished, but until then it is a lot of work... Mainly this will be a single player mod, but we will probably add multiplayer as well. We want to use most of the new features of the CryEngine 3 as procedual destruction, deferred lightning and so on as good as possible. Furthermore we want to create a couple of new features like a sabersystem, the force and much more...

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Anywhere [OLD] Looking for character modeler, animator, coder,... for Crysis (2) mod at STAR WARS A GALAXY IN CRYSIS MODDING TEAM

looking for character modeler, animator, coder,... for crysis (2) mod star wars a galaxy in crysis modding team anywhere artists we are looking for character modelers, animators and coders for our star wars a galaxy in crysis mod for crysis 2... characte modeler: you should be able to create characters like darth vader, luke skywalker and rigg them, so it can be used in crysis... animator: you should be able to create and import a couple of quite realistic animations for our mod coder: we need ad coder to realize a new saber and force system and so on... ...: if you can do anything else and want to join us, just tell me what your skills are ;-) if apply for any of these "jobs" you don´t need to spend you whole time on it, you should have some fun while working... it doesn´t matter what programm you are using...

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