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This addon makes traders more interested in damaged weapons and outfits.

Traders Buy Broken Stuff [Last Day 1.3]
SashaRed Creator

This addon was inevitable.

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Should make a addon that gives u 1000 kg please

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I seriously never understand setting this more than 0.5
I would understand if stalker in the middle of zone would not buy from you gun that have 50-70% condition, but Traders should buy gun even if it would be bended 90* Because they still can get some pars from it.

It should be the system where gun get cheaper to sell, not when Trader dont take it because it have JUST 60% condition. Is just stupid.
I will understand if for example Military and Mercs would not buy used stuff, but it still should be something between 50-60%. This is fricking zone, you cant just go to shop and buy new gun or parts for it, every scrap of metal from gun is like a gold.

This is one of reason why I hate mods based on Misery, where instead of making game harder by balancing damage to 1:1 with NPC and make stuff harder to get they make it annoying by tweaking it like that. After 10 minutes of game you have backpack full of stuff that is just slightly used and... you can sell it....

The same is with prices for repair, prices overall and weight of some objects. Its always hilarious that you need to sell even 5 used riffles and few guns just to repair your own riffle by 30-40%
Or when Bandage cost more than some pistol, and it weight almost the same as First Aid kit... that of course dont stop bleeding, because NONE of Medkit in the zone have bandage inside...

I always need to spend hours fixing that before playing, and I have no idea how other are not bother by it. Because, no, its not hard game, it not make it realistic, it make it just annoying.

I would really like to see that Last Day fix what was wrong in Misery and fixed just slightly in CoM, and such addons should be part of game from the beginning.

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Agree 101%.
Misery is only making it miserable without any logical reason, just so it can be hard and say this is not for regular stalkers you need experience with stalker to play this mod..jesus.
They often make it frustrating in a way you said it.
It is one of those situations like when you die from bullet in your head because you were jumping around or were not taking any logical shelter in firefight, then its normal frustration and you know its your fault, but when NPC shoots you from 200m while you are behind bush then the frustration is bigger and gamebreaking because you know is f nonsense and its not your fault.

In the end we all know modders are mortals too and this is free, so big kudos and thanks to them for effort. Just wanted to share some constructive criticism.

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While I see your point, I also see an outrageous amount of guns. I usually just carry a tool with me to break the damaged guns down for components and either sell those or hang onto them. You can get barrels that improve condition by 40%, which makes fixing up damaged weapons yourself extremely easy.

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It's pretty expensive to fix a broken gun and if you sell it you just make financial loses. Pretty much no payoff,unless you wanna use the gun yourself.

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how do you break guns? yes, i can do it in misery 2.2, but last day?

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I went with 40%, I 'pacified' Yantar Station killing about 40 Freedom and Ecos, and with the weapons of good condition I brought back I cashed in about thats about 1k per kill...Considering I could only originally salvage most of the guns for parts to sell and only make 4k, I feel this is most proper even considering Misery Standards...If I was literally only awarded half an MRE worths of money for killing 40 well armed militants, thats more unrealistic in my book then getting 40k from a substantial amount of work

APPROVED, especially considering the difficulty boost in 1.1

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As a self confessing video game hoarder, I find not being able to sell broken weapons to traders much better than being able to, since in CoM would buy some adrenaline, go out of a raid to Limansk or any other highly populated area and bring back over 100kg worth of weaponry to base - considering I would only spend about 6-8k on the adrenaline, and make around 90k-100k+ per raid. It really ended up making the end game a joke to reach, so I really do appreciate not being able to sell them to anyone other than the flea market guy in Garbage. Just my two cents :)

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Appuruu Author

Quick update:

Made it compatible with 1.2, as in 1.2 some of the traders had some stuff added and removed. Using previous version of this addon would cause removing changes from 1.2.

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Ty man I was wondering if you gona upload new version ty a loot !

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