Hello stalker players, this mod adds 12 fine guns to the call of pripyat complete mod cause Im tired of the vanilla guns which are the same since soc cs and now cop. I didnt create the meshes.I only added them to the complete mod.As always backup files in case you dont like the changes. -12 guns -added some sounds to the guns -cs heavy merc suit replaces the cs3 clear sky suit -some fine black gloves hand textures -cop compact hud by smrtphoneusr+tweak by diablow Meshes´s authors are: -king friday w1300 -prototype rus saiga 12 -ZekaKorneev(RUS) UMP45 -pkm lasersights (author unknown probabely sigerous mod) -prototype rus vintorez -prototype ak74 -king friday bm16 -big silencer val Kaplan994/loner1 -All guns can be purchased by Uhu on skadovsk from the start but I reccomend using the powerful guns only in the last part of the game so theres at least a bit challenge ^^. Have fun

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New weapon is always good.
But the UI change is very unwelcome and some weapons are unbalanced.


some weapon'scope it does not work!


reriCZ says

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Finally some new weapons for Call of Pripyat. The quality looks amazing. Luckily I have 16:9 widescreen or else the iron sights are ******. 9/10

This mod may have some issues, but the potential is HUGE. I've always wanted a few extra weapons and this mod does that! I just suggest changing the skins in the inventory of weapons that seem to have the same skin as the ak74 and changing the weapon modification system.


Weapons itselves are very good, only problem is that the ironsights aren't fixed for 4:3 screens. Some of the weapons are a bit over-powered too IMO.

Ugly textures, blocky models, and poor price balancing.

def some good looking guns... my only gripe was that some of the models looked like they were different scales completely. the 2 M4 variants are my example. maybe its just me though. all in all i like. nice that they are additional instead of replacements. adds a little something.


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