Spira: Besaid is a map/mod for Battlefront 2 that brings a level of gameplay previously unseen to the game. Instead of a first-person shooter, Spira: Besaid is an RPG/Action-Adventure game. It features many "rarely seen" or "firsts" into SWBF2, including: Full RPG mode (gameplay 2-4 hours), Final Fantasy music, leveling-up system, weakness/resistance system, game save function, interactive puzzles (not just battling), and multiple sidequests. It also features, as a bonus mode, KotOR conquest. While unrelated to RPG mode and only a small part of this, KotOR conquest is unique in and of itself. It includes full KotOR sides with custom KotOR heroes (as seen in previous maps Sullust: Jedi Conclave or Ralltiir: Swoop Circuit) and has AI Hero functionality. Much more information about this mod may be found at Gametoast.com

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Quite the feat. I would have never guessed an rpg could be created using Battlefront 2's engine.

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Dec 27th, 2014

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Dec 21st, 2013

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Mar 1st, 2011

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