A mod about stealth,technology,extreme fighting, and guns!

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Wow. Just wow. This mod adds tons and thousands of content, and they are all high quality.

Definately one of the best BF2 mods. Check it out, you'll be drooling all over the place when you play it.

A good mod to play and enjoy :)


A few bugs here and there, but overall mostly fixed. I really like the eel of the guns, the animations, and the new lighting. Best feature I've discovered so far in my opinion is the AC-130.

One of a kind..Textures are awesome Animations are perfect Weapons are wonderful, Its a whole new game trust me.

Awesome mod. Really close to bf3 and bf modern combat

New guns and more realism here is guaranteed
This modification really is on my top 10 Battlefield 2 Mods

Really like the new guns like AA-12 and Pecheneg
Its like an upgrade for old good bf2

I like this mod it makes game bigger than it was before.We can have better game of a good game, the game os more complete than it was ever before. I like the look of mod, it is one of greates mods.

Ive made a conclusion about this modification,and im really impressed of the work and time put in it.
SOW 2.0 runs flawless compared to its 3.0 Beta one,but hey,its just beta

A well done work must have a high grade.
10/10 - Thank you for being original :)

its great

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