SMOD : Tactical REDUX is has so many differences from "SMOD : Tactical" Many weapons, visual effects, Gore effects, sounds, etc..... Literally SMOD : Tactical "REDUX". You will have a very different experience. I will release it in the month. Note : This is a not a official SMOD : Tactical mod. this mod just another Tactical mod. keep in mind.

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ahno says

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Most Satisfying


creeperNOTEN says

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Really nice mods.Push HL2 to a real combat game.But still need to improve


NeuroMaxx says

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Constant crashes, framerate dips, terrible AI, one of the coast maps still has physical triggers that you cant pass through so you have to completely skip that level, combine soldiers turn a corner and immediately one shot you, they also CONSTANTLY throw grenades that one shot you, please lower grenade damage, quantity, and throw rate. This mod has SO MUCH POTENTIAL, shouldn't be available for download right now tbh, really needs bug fixes and lots of polish, maybe add some more updated models, sounds and textures after your done with the important stuff. Also please play test before hand.


SyberChapa says

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Quality mod, but have some troubles with game crashes.


ajbrew says

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Bringing back the classic smod tactical in a new revamped update!


Amish_Gunslinger says

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While there are a few glitches and somewhat long loading times, the mod itself is fairly well made with the interesting models and comedic changes to the Civil Protection voice lines

I look forward to playing the rest of the mod


Terrorist495 says

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