==READ THIS NOW== I Do not take full credit for the creation of this Mod. Most of the credit goes to the old version of this Mod. THIS IS ONLY TO FIX ERRORS AND BUGS OF Smod-tactical AFTER THE HL2 MAY UPDATE! THE OLD TEAM HAS BEEN DISBANDED WITH NO FIX. WE ARE ONLY FIXING NOT MAKING. READ Description for more detail....

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please, please just read this. I'm really sorry but please read.

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.......... Smod it self is an amazing mod with an outstanding community. For every thing that has been made from it, Smod 40a, Redux, CSS SCI FI, Outbreak, and Tactical, each brought something to the table. And the May 26 update killed a lot of it. There is nothing more that I would love to do then role back time and have it never happen, (Well have most of it never happen). To say that "I don't want to do this", is not something I would say. But I must face facts, This is a very large pain in the butt, and because of it I have to drop/move part of the update order I would of liked.

I was always saying that "Oh there will be 2 updates", or that "it's coming I just need a break through". Well that "break through" isn't working. The truth is I was hoping that I would be able to do 4 things

  • Fix the 5.56 mod for people to play again
  • get V1 to work the way it was made to
  • weapon update
  • double the map sizes by making a second part of the campaign that you take up just after the start.

Well after a few more updates from valve on the new HL2 (or at least from what I understand I could be very wrong on this, and I mean VERY wrong) Fixing V1 is downright impossible right now. After fixing AI, porting broken maps, and a few other tweaks, I was able to get it running with the 5.56 menu system, but with faster loading speeds. Then it hit me, I wasn't in Smod-T any more, I was in the mod, but it wasn't running Smod-T the way it should of, nor did it run Half-Life 2 the right way. It was sort of a mix between the 2. None of the SMod weapons would work, the shooting range was broken again, and so was the HUD, but half of the normal weapons worked (no ironsight sadly). The AI worked, but had all of the tactical NPC locations with the Tactical NPCs (no weapons). and You could unlock the achievements in it. I mean it would screw up so bad that I didn't know what I was doing anymore, and o top it off it wouldn't even save.

So right now I am dropping a V1 fix, but this does not mean that I am done. I;m just moving on to plan B. Make a hybrid of the two, (version 5.91 if you will.) Moving part of V1 into 5.56. So it's not going to be running oh the Orange Box engine (or what ever you want to call it now) Like V1 is trying to do. Along with that, there IS going to be a full weapons change. Every weapon is being removed excluding
a few of them such as

  • dual pistols
  • shotgun
  • mp5navy
  • ak47 (might scrap it)
  • and possibly a few others when I go through all of them.

What Is needed after that Is not add new maps for a new game. not more T and CT maps, like the ones in Counter Strike, But a split, a new branding for the mod. Adding maps (by hand with Lua is going to be a little painful but once I get the hang of it, it should be good). RFeally look at all the other SMod mods

  • 40a: fast, lost of gnus and things going boom
  • Outbreak: HL2 with EVEN MORE ZOMBIES!! It's like L4D, only 10X better
  • Redux: like 40a but with it's own good things
  • CSS SCI FI: branched out to it's own thing
  • Tactical: looking at a loading screen longer then the time you spend alive in game, as you pound the keyboard out of rage going "WHY ON EARTH AM I STILL PLAYING THIS?" as well as crashes and many cheap shots.

Tactical really did get the short end of the stick. but it got the better end when it came to the community. Right now I am working on 3 main things

  • Making new backgrounds for the star menu (I'm learning how to use adobe illustrator in school right now and I have a few things that I could do)
  • sorting weapons
  • adding new weapons

That's All I have for now, and I will post more When I have it, and hopefully it's good next time.
Happy Hunting
~ H3XiST


I couldn't agree more with what you said about tactical. You simply didnt get much playtime out of it and the stupid mappad system would spawn a bath in the center of cs_office or a dumpster right in a doorway.
I would be happy to help with this one in any way i could

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Good luck with everything and thanks for making Project Life. :) Being able to play delta 5.56 again is definitely better than nothing.

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I think that smod really need engine change. We should wait for full playable and customizable orange box version.

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The thing im looking up to is the new Weapons!

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I have a little suggestion left over from the other thread.

One weapon I'm hoping you could do something with is the RPG-7, gunships and Helos..

1st: one problem with the campaign is that whenever you have to fight a gunship (IE Lighthouse point) there's hardly ever an RPG-7 in sight. This forces you to either spawn one from the console or lug around one constantly when you'd much rather carry... say... a sniper rifle or a minigun. Both of these are not good options and its very immersion breaking. So please, in places you have to fight a helo/gunship, put an RPG-7 somewhere nearby...

2. Gunships and Helos don't die nearly fast enough, and are quite unrealistic on how much punishment they could take. I assume your keeping the Blackhawk/Harrier models? in that case, they should be more vulnerable to RPG fire, the gunship dying in 1-2 hits, 3 on hard, while the chopper should die in 1-3 hits, but no more than 4. In the regular half life 2, thier unnatural resilience made sense: They were both alien techonologies, so of course they could take a few hits from an RPG. But now... they're real world aircraft, not flying battletanks! They should reflect that. (cont)

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Also Normal weapons should have the ability to damage them, but not a whole lot.

3. Rockets should fly much faster. The HL idea of rocketspeed is just atrocious! Rockets from a rocket launcher do not fly at a measly 38m per second, they fly at at LEAST 5x that speed! One CANNOT "dodge" a rocket. If Tactical is supposed to be a realism mod, it should reflect this too.

4. All the above makes the RPG too deadly right? well.... ok yes. But here's a solution to that: take away all the green rocket crates and replace them with regular ones. That way you have a limited supply of rockets when fighting aircraft. If you use them up, tough luck, you'll have to take it out with other weapons.

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this doesnt fix anything for me... i have this error where i cant start a new HL2 game, it says in console ________ unknown or invalid. FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!!!!!

PS: replace the underscores with a map name, like d1_trainstation_01

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