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Feb 23 2012 Anchor

Since this mod is going to be pretty massive and I get new suggestions all the time so it is getting bigger, I thought I would make this topic to show the list of stuff planned for now, any suggestions you want to add goes in the suggestions section of this forum, only comment here if you want me to do something in the list differently. Try not to make duplicate suggestions, I don't expect this forum to get very big so a quick read through shouldn't be too much to ask :)

The list will be organized by the universe the ideas come from (so Stargate will be a section, then Doctor Who etc). So lets get on with it:


  • New Settlement named Cheyenne, home base for the player while they travel the universe.
  • New forest world, ruins all around, one main quest and a few small side quests.
  • New desert world, alien structures made from Naquada, new species of alien, they will be passive and act pretty much like any other people in Skyrim, a few minor quests and a platform to work from for a few future big quests.
  • New city world, ancient architecture and civilization, lots of new items and quests, shipyard for future ideas if I can get ship ownership to work.
  • Play ships, not sure how I can incorporate them properly, or why I should bother other than it being cool...
  • Bunch of new player homes.
  • Massive amount of new items, weapons, armour, misc items, ingredients, food, drink everything.

Doctor Who

  • TARDIS, obviously, will do what you would expect, portable player home, big list of locations to travel to, not really sure how I can make it more clear.
  • Sonic Screwdriver, several variations, each different one can open a higher level of lock.
  • Suits, you can't be a traveler of time and not have the chance to stroll around in a suit! I will be doing my best to make them look like the Doctors but I will also be trying to make them look like they were stitched together like the other clothes in Skyrim, hopefully the end product will look good.
  • New locations, small but full of things to do.
  • New skill tree to make Tardis flight easier and faster, or for enabling crafting for Doctor Who items.
  • New enemies to fill the new locations, these will include as many as I can from the show.
  • New armours which can be worn to look like humanoid enemies, such as Cybermen.
  • New weapons, the ones the enemies use of course.

Star Wars

  • New worlds, you can travel to them after finding the crash site of a ship at the northern shores of Skyrim.
  • The ships autopilot brings you to another world, where you will have to earn a ship and crew to be able to return to Skyrim.
  • There will be several new worlds you can travel to using your ship, all from the star wars universe, like Tatooine and Hoth.
  • Loads of new enemies to fight, and new allies, most neutral until you choose a side, each faction will have its benefits so you can choose one that fits your character.
  • Huge list of new weapons and armour, even more misc items and trade items which you can sell off to the right people for a profit.
  • New skill tree for force sensitivity, works same way as any other school of magic, enhances force powers you can train in the use of.
  • New magics, all around using the force.
  • New alien species, these may even be playable.
  • New monsters from the star wars universe.


  • New player home, the ship from Firefly 'Serenity' will be somewhere in a new world through the Stargate, includes followers based on the series crew, a couple of them you can even have a spouse options (since that was requested).
  • New clothing based on that in the series.

Battlestar Galactica

  • New location to land using the Tardis on board either the Colonial ship 'Battlestar Galactica' or on a Cylon Base Star. Whichever one you land on you will be forced to choose a side eventually.
  • Two new factions, Colonials and Cylons, choose to side with either one and the other will become an enemy.
  • New Weapons, Armour, Clothing and Misc items, some new 'costume' armours which let you look like Cylons.
  • This section of the mod is only really for grinding and for a way for me to add some things from this series.


  • Not technically Sci-Fi but for some reason the books are in the Sci-Fi section wherever I have seen them. This module will add some of the more recognizable things, and if I have the willpower to create yet another world space then there will be a small section from The New World.
  • Confession, if you don't know what it is then you will just have to wait and see it in game.
  • New factions, all neutral unless you manage to annoy them. These include D'harans, Confessors, Wizards, Sisters of the Light and Sisters of the Dark. There are others too like Mord-Sith, but I can't list them all right now.
  • New armours and clothes, also a large amount of weapons.


  • New desert world, you can mine spice which is also the same as spice in the Star Wars module so you can sell it on Star Wars worlds. Been a while since I watched Dune so I will have to come back to this one later.

I have a few others I want to add too but not sure what I will be doing for them. Here is the current list of suggestions I have accepted, if you think of any that you would like added then fire away.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Alien, Aliens...

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