SilentMasquMod is a large hi-res skinpack that changes/adds: - many unique NPCs like Skleter, LaCroix etc... got a Hi-Res-Reskin/Enhancement - new weapon models from Lenusk@ - great new sounds made by Cloud9 - New Brujah/Gagnrel/Ventrue(onlyarmor2) SKINS(male) - enhanced object textures - enhanced weapon textures (shotgun, flame..) - New crosshair in the first person view and a new crosshair when using flameth. - new mainmenue interface - new vehicle skins/enhancement - and much more...

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8 Falloutpc

Mar 8th, 2015

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ZimpanX says
5 ZimpanX

Sep 6th, 2011

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siwelionard says
10 siwelionard

Aug 24th, 2011

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LOVEoo says
1 LOVEoo

Oct 15th, 2010

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Tharr says
10 Tharr

Dec 28th, 2009

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Mukridzsin says
8 Mukridzsin

Sep 20th, 2009

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TalonFive says
10 TalonFive

Aug 26th, 2009

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(warrior)$hacaR says
10 (warrior)$hacaR

Aug 17th, 2009

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evan0605 says
10 evan0605

Aug 7th, 2009

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`DarcK says
10 `DarcK

Aug 6th, 2009

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