You are trapped in your house. Not only do you need to escape your house, but your nightmares as well!

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Adake says

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This is quite old cs with very short story, no musics and lame in general. At least, it's quite scary but there's a lot of things need to improve.




This map is not well made. The Level design and lack of explanation are features I do not much care for. This is scary at times, however some of the 'scares' didn't scare me because when you use scare after scare you get used to the scares and they don't scare you anymore. I would also like to note that the guy that teleported in front of me made me jump but didn't scare me. Anyone can make a jump scare like the ones seen in FNAF but a good environmental/atmospheric scare is much scarier because it plays with your mind. Another thing I do not like is the shortness of the custom story it only lasts about 7 minutes maximum. Also when the main character was on about not sleeping for 20 something nights, he would be dead by now.

However I do like the idea and concept of the constant nightmares. I think this could have been a great custom story and still can be if you bare in mind what I said.

So for those reasons I'm giving this Custom Story a 3.

P.S. I am not a 'Hater' this is constructive criticism.


Just average


Humeba says

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Good mod.


Good but too short. :D



Just a very basic Custom Story. Really rather short and for me there were too many monsters and you collapse far too often!! I like the idea of a kind of "Dreamworld" and Reality and with a little more time and effort it could be a decent story but until then it's a 5 from me.

I gave this story a random shot and it provided me quite a few scares. As I've come to find that most shorter custom stories are survive-and-escape, this one was more or less the same, although I don't feel like I ever escaped. It got confusing with the switching between reality and nightmares and I encountered a glitch at the water portion. Also, a longer story would've been nice too, but overall it worked well for a "pilot" episode for my You Tube series.

Cool CS! But I failed to save my *** from the first encounter, that was unfair!

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