You awake in an weird room, with an splitting headache. You can't remember who you are, where you are or why you here... Can you survive the horror's that Scroob's castle holds?

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GoodGamePlayer says

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The closet at the beginning is buggy (might not open), and there are some glitches in the maps. BUT - the mapping is excellent (especially the Guest Room which was very beautiful - combination of pillars, chairs with table at the center, and the shadows make excellent graphics), some very good puzzles (just the machine felt unrealistic because of "just put the things in there" - a drill into a machine?). Authors were very generous, there's many bottles of laudanum, and this this is the only good custom story in which there's more than enough oil. I just felt said about the sanity potions, found only two. Combination of Amnesia (old) and Penumbra (modern) designs were suitable for this custom story, and god - a child singing "We'll kill you..." is always very creepy. The name might give an illusion that this is a sh*tty jumpscare-based CS, but don't let it fool you! It's definitely worth playing.


Humeba says

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Pretty darn good custom story. It had quite a few bugs in the texture but overall I had a good time with it. The 3 monsters in the cage at the end startled the crap out of me, lol.

I'm sexy and I know. :D That will be funny if the monster came out and said I'm sexy and I know it lolz :D


Meki says

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This would be good if it was finished in the first place.
There were many bugs like see-through walls, flickering textures, missing background music. Misaligned textures, unnamed keys... these are all signs of unfinished maps.
The music in the cellar was scary as hell :) sadly it didn't play when I exited the map to find the lever and then came back (plus, state of the level was not preserved - I had to throw away the boxes blocking entry to the cells once again).
At the end, the maps looked very plain and unfinished (yet scary).
I accidentally took the suicide option and then I realized I had a save from the first half... please put some autosaves into your maps, just in case :)







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