Scramble is a small Black Mesa style episode with a bit of different gameplay than typical Half-Life maps. Collect all 5 Lambda Nuclei and reach the exit. Please do mind the headcrabs, they can be nasty. Scramble is essentially a hybrid prototype for a much larger Half-Life mod that is coming soon.

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GoodGamePlayer says

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Excellent mod and very funny to play. I like the idea as well as how the mod is made. Great job making this five minute mod!


ZhuleCRO says

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Short and fun :)


poshgaloo says

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Well I saw this mod (or map I should call it since there's only one level) was made by Unq, the creator of Radix, a great mod, so I figured I'd take a stab at this mod. And I loved it! Sure it was quite terrifying with the hordes of headcrabs, but it was fun and definitely something I'd play again when I have some spare time. Great work once again! 10/10!


Richyyy:D says

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- Short (if you don't have much time as example) +3
- Funny +2
- Nice mapping +2
- Just a mod for sometimes +3
- Nice idea and concept +2
- It takes MB on your PC for such a Little game -0.5
- Short (if you have much time then its not the best) -1.5

Its a short mod for these who have not time or for guys that don't want to Play Long.
And I loved it and play it damn often. =)



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Well, I have no doubts about the technical high quality standards of this
mod. Is it clear that this map was neat and polished overall.
Now, I believe this is the kind of mod some will hate or some will love.
Also is hard to fit it in a certain category, though I think is clear this map
is close to the puzzle category.
Also is it clear that the challenge is really tough I just couldn’t end it without god mode, and that
got me a bit annoyed, it was that maybe there were just too much headcrabs, I mean more than
the necessary to beat the map right, or I am a terrible player with just few weapons that you
have to use far more than “strategically”…
I have to say I was unable to find the 5th lambda sign, maybe in my pc didn’t appear, I even
look for it via noclip and none “nada” just nothing, non a sign of the freakin 5th lambda
In conclusion, if you love challenge maps or mods like Training Course 2, you’re gonna love this.
For me was just a really tough and annoying map to play… maybe I was not in the mood, or is
just not my kind of map.
PD. I love the Easter egg I hope HL op. Sirocco is the one of the mods I like good old fashioned
HL1 pure combat.


dallfron says

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Short but cool mod, liked it.


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