The story, if anyone is interested, puts Gordon Freeman (the player) as an agent of an advanced weapons corporation called Death & Destruction Inc. (DDI). DDI on the other hand takes orders from an alien military force known as the Nephilim Alliance (NA), originating from an alternate dimension. The problem is loads of scientists are appearing out of nowhere and they need someone to get rid of them...

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it is a nice mod ya but please make a new story line


Hilarious fun and epic and you can kill scientists in many ways this is epic win


Pretty nice, funny and with a lot of potential.

I was surprised by the new type of weapons it included (lasers, grenades) and also the new enemies (the water element was just epic). I bet there's more work and coding in this mod than in more serious/history mods.

A multiplayer version would make this perfect. Seing all those turrets, traps, weapons (this would only need new models and animations for each new type of attack - yes an already boring default model would suck, for more with around 5 different fire modes..) -it made me think of a multi mode 'base infiltration': each team having a base, with customizable traps for it, where each team had to make its way through the enemy base defences and annihilate the base from inside. - would be epic. -and conquering neutral bases in middle of the way/map (remembering of conquering water elements for your team, defending their node)

Of course you dont hav to do this -and probably this has nothing to do with the mod- but i would rate it for 20/10. Tough, you have here potential to make another mod, multiplayer based.

gibbing is fun

bloody good mod.

a large amount of weapons to use and many ways to kill scientists.

only negative thing is when you change levels the game crashes

This mod RULEZ! I want a second version D:

* go through various creative maps based around killing scientists.
* interesting and creative weaponry with various firing modes (middle mouse to change firing modes).
* although this mod is already pretty damn long for a scientist slaughter mod, it's apparently meant to be longer since it's never been finished.
* hazard course contains bonus sandbox levels.
* takes about 2 hours to complete.

one of the top classics, don't go in expecting a challenge!
(played the WON version)


Well, the game,just amazing. It includes at least 25 weapons, and each categorized into completely different fire modes in each and every weapon. That makes 50 of them.Even so many ways of torturing!! So much of creativity! It is really unbelievable how only 1 person, Denix Linelli, developed it. How sad that that he quitted developing.

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