Santa C. has been kidnapped by Komarov's people. Komarov is the most dangerous terrorist in the world. He wants to cause another world conflict, and his first step is to destroy our Christmas. You must find and recapture Santa, then find Komarov and kill him (or just give him a cake). Good luck soldier!

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Only the worst of the best mods catch my attention, and this one was the best of the worst 11/10

Christmas time.

Really funny ! too bad it's so short ! I'm sure you could have do more crappy jokes ;)

Nice little CoD parody, but a bit too simple. THe heart attack thing made me chuckle, though.

This is a rather nutty mod. Very funny furious action abounds, no wonder it was 10 years in the making! “Ooowww! Someone’s got me foot!”
I had a quiet chuckle playing this, especially when I found the secret base!
But I would so love to have taken the more epic alternate route.
Weirdness abounds amid this very well made Santa rescue mod and some nice film references to. Not epic fun, as that requires DLC, but fun never the less..
The Combine shooter mini-game was an inspired little touch.
A hoot of a mod that makes a nice change from the usual combat seriousness.

PS/ Could this epic tale be the next Bruce Willis film?


Cool story bro!



Sweet parody of Well-Known games ;)

A wonderful joke mod that does a phenomenal job lampooning modern military shooters.

Give it a go for some good laughs :D

Dobre, dobre Panowie, oby tak dalej :D

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