First, sorry for my bad english... RWM (Real Warfare/WW2 Mod) is the bester of STR WW2 realism (1) ! Test it, is adopt it ! It's a special version based and which install it in the basic original Vanilla/Arcade game "Sudden Strike 2" (SS2) v 2.2. (instal in your folder named "Sudden Strike 2")(2) It's not MY mod, original RWM haved be creat by "Otcho" modder (v1 to v6.31) and retake by a team moders (v 7.0 but abandonned), then "OQT" modder (v 7.0 transformed in 6.5) et finally and actuallly by "Barbarossa" & RWM communauty (RWM v6.6 & 6.7). Downloads (with 2 important tables of RWM characteristics units), more informations and more links, go my personnal site (see beelow) RWM dont concerning "SS:RW"("Sudden Strike : Ressource War") (1) Of course, in the limites of possibilities of video game and a fun game play (2) - no problems, but if you has affraid for your SS2 basic, creat a copy/double renamed of your SS2 folder for install RWM).

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